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Women work for 77% of the pay that men receive. Astonishingly, this is absolutely and completely true.

What should be the police's role?

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Keeping cops off the streets would stop them from running roughshod over our rights on a daily basis, as they do now, whether they intend to or not.


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In this original HausRules Video we laugh with Psaki at the Obama Administrations stance in Egypt

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he relatively new wrinkle of the iconic “Party of the Little Guy” shtick with the Democrats, is their pitch to the Middle Class - which to a great extent, their policies have harmed the most.

The U.N. General Assembly / Photo: Luke Redmond, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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WASHINGTON, November 13, 2014 — First it was the effort to pull America into the vortex of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and the Law Of...

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The political elites on both parties are suffering memory loss about the message of the mid term elections.

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Election fraud was much on the mind of voters this election. Nowhere was this more true than in Colorado, where new election laws codified bad practice.

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Kaci Hickox triumphs over opportunistic politicians, irrational policies on Ebola

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John Stuart Mill said in 1867, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

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WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014 — Neal Asbury writes in Money News that Congress's reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank is a good move. His chief...