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The U.N. General Assembly / Photo: Luke Redmond, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

The United Nations second guesses America’s new marijuana laws

The United Nations second guesses America’s new marijuana laws

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2014 — First it was the effort to pull America into the vortex of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and the Law Of The Sea Treaty (aptly named ‘LOST’), Agenda 21, and Cap and Trade. Now, the U.N. has decided it doesn’t approve of recent decisions of voters in Colorado, Oregon, Washington State and

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Moral hazard at the Export Import Bank: Private gain vs. social risk

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014 — Neal Asbury writes in Money News that Congress’s reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank is a good move. His chief argument in favor of the Ex-Im Bank: This is needed because private American financial institutions will not collateralize foreign receivables or inventory. Without this, legions of small businesses and entrepreneurs that

Senator Rand Paul / Photo: Gage Skidmore, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

Rand Paul stakes out his foreign policy Realpolitik on ISIS

WASHINGTON, September 6, 2014 — Rand Paul’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal sums up his analysis of how the menace of the Islamic State developed, and clearly declares that it must be dealt with: The Islamic State represents a threat that should be taken seriously. But we should also recall how recent foreign-policy decisions have

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Raising ISIS: Willful misconduct by Obama Administration?

WASHINGTON, September 3, 2014 — The Obama Administration’s bizarre and ill-conceived foreign policy, covert CIA activities in Libya, Egypt and Syria, and the spillover into Iraq raise grave questions about administration goals. The all-but-certain collapse of Afghanistan and the atrocities we are seeing in Iraq and in Syria are not a product of miscalculations. The miscalculation interpretation of