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The Supreme Court is not and should not be a representative body; sometimes the court should even be on the side of corporations, the powerful and the wealthy.

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Unless the law is mechanical, heartless, and ruthlessly efficient, some criminals will get off easy. It might make us furious, but the alternatives are worse.

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An embattled Veterans Administration (VA) hospital has seen its internal rating -- one that determines bonuses and other performance measures -- fall precipitously over the last two quarters.

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Ginsburg's half-hearted apology was akin to a small child getting her hand caught in the cookie jar of public opinion, or Hillary Clinton claiming “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Should "I'm sworry" be enough

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The key to Hillary's freedom in this case and no doubt going forward is the fact that she never intended to commit a crime. They gave her the old lady defense of "she just didn't get it."

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The choice is not between order and Liberty. It is between Liberty with order and anarchy without either - Associate Justice Robert Jackson

Image from NBC No Fly No Buy presser

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Congress rejected 'no fly, no buy' in December; Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was on a terror-watch list. Did Congress make a huge mistake? Democrats say 'yes.'

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It's high time we learn the difference between sex and rape and between ISIS "husbands" and rapists. Words matter, and our women matter even more.

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Eleven states have joined in the lawsuit against Transgender bathroom laws. Who is on the right side of history in this debate? The majority or the .003%?

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Author Michael Farris describes the history of religious liberty, a freedom we take for granted, and once again at risk from a government out of control.

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