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FREEDOM: Fueling the discussion about Climate Change (Part 2)

FREEDOM: Fueling the discussion about Climate Change (Part 2)

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., October 17, 2014 — Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do our major political Parties. In the absence of a cogent resource policy, they rush to fill the void, not with long-term strategic plans, but rather with random musings that only have to survive an election cycle. We deserve better, but

IMAGE: T.J. O'Hara

FREEDOM: A resource policy for energy and the environment (Part 1)

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., October 13, 2014 – Energy and the environment are inextricably combined, yet they are rarely discussed within the context of a national resource policy. Then again, we really do not have a national resource policy or any other clearly articulated policy for that matter. Let’s fix that by crafting an intelligent

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FREEDOM: Foreign policy that ‘redistributes the wealth’ (Part 3)

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., October 9, 2014 – What would happen if the world began to accept its joint responsibility for maintaining humanity? What if it were to demand that the United Nations be true to its name and its mission rather than lackadaisically expecting the United States to fulfill that role? What would the


FREEDOM: A ‘Common Core’ enhancement for political leaders

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 22, 2014 – Whether the Common Core State Standards Initiative is a success or failure, it was spawned by the plummeting performance of the public education system in the United States. Given the plummeting performance of our political leaders, perhaps it is time to consider establishing a set of expectations for those

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Benghazi’s 13 Hours: Perhaps the ‘fog of war’ is finally lifting

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 11, 2014 – Two years have passed since the attacks on the diplomatic Mission and the CIA Annex in Benghazi during which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA Security Operators Tyrone “Rone” Woods and Glen “Bub” Doherty were killed. Yet, the details

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Election season and ISIS: The two contexts of ‘degrade and ultimately destroy’

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 8, 2014 – In recent months, the Islamic State went from “a JV team,” according to President Obama, to “a threat to the civilized world… beyond anything that we’ve seen … (and) as sophisticated and well-funded as any group,” according to Secretary of Defense Hagel. The President has since revised his position to