Election 2016

Election 2016

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This column favors the Hamiltonian emphasis on fundamentals over Jeffersonian political rhetoric

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Where did the Buzzfeed document come from? Who wrote it? British intelligence? Republicans? 4chan? The CIA? Sen. John McCain gave it to James Comey? Why?

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WASHINGTON, January 5, 2017 — The California legislature announced it hired the legal firm Covington & Burlington, of which President Obama’s former Attorney General...

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WikiLeaks' Julian Assange tells Fox's Sean Hannity "It wasn't Russia"

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Obama urged U.S. “friends and allies around the world” to "oppose Russia’s efforts to interfere with "democratic governance.” But he still can't say radical Islam.

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The total of inaugural bills come in at $175 million to $200 million and includes the official parties and dinners, concert, swearing-in, parade, inaugural balls and all the security

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Bill Clinton's sexual appetites nearly destroyed his own political career. 20 years later, Anthony Weiner's sexual appetites ended Hillary Clinton's for good.

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The system still works—even after eight years of abuse.

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As a Washington Post headline proclaimed, “Many Trump supporters don’t care about the controversies dominating media coverage.” They don't trust the media and therefore they pay no attention to it.

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After condemning Trump for saying the election was rigged, Democrats want to rig it; they're angry not just that Trump won, but that he ever had a chance to.

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