Economic Politics

Economic Politics

In the 21st century, money and politics seem to be the same thing.

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OPEC move drives crude oil stratospheric, techs take a hit, banks, insurers speeding away on cruise control.

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In the effort to acquire developed country status, Trinidad & Tobago should consider international tax neutrality and abandon its online sales tax scheme.

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We need more economic growth, lower deficits, less economic distortion, and lower taxes; Trump's plan does some of that, but we can do much better than that.


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In response to falling revenues from oil sales, Trinidad's government is about to launch a tax that will hurt consumers and the economy. It's a huge mistake.

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Trump meets with, trashes media bigwigs (or not), claims New York Times scuttles meeting (or not). Stocks continue to climb. Crude oil soars. Any connections?

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Donald Trump's business-like approach to running a huge, labor-intensive service organization like the Federal government will be welcomed by all Americans.

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Can President-elect Donald Trump bring back the Reagan, “morning in America” attitude?

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Veterans can wait more than four hundred days waiting for a consultation for complex mental health issues at the Memphis VA Medical Center

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Some tech stocks like Apple (AAPL) finally get a bid. U.S. dollar hits 14-year high vs. basket of currencies. Incorrigibles continue to trash Trump victory.

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Atlantic City faces a $100 million annual budget shortfall and carries some $500 million in low-rated debt. Real estate values have dropped about 70 percent.

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