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FREEDOM: Not having an economic policy is expensive (Part 1)

FREEDOM: Not having an economic policy is expensive (Part 1)

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif., October 30, 2014 — Recently, China quietly overtook the United States to become the world’s largest economy on the basis of purchasing power, according to the International Monetary Fund. The President didn’t call a press conference to announce the Chinese accomplishment because it doesn’t exactly reflect favorably upon his administration. It’s also an

Minimum wage or more of this? (Public domain photo)

6 myths about how minimum wage hurts job growth

WASHINGTON, October 24, 2014 — Despite recent Gallup Poll data showing Americans are concerned with the economy, government performance, and jobs, the 2014 Midterm Elections have not been defined by these issues. One of the few economic solutions put forward is raising the minimum wage.  Although legislative efforts to increase minimum wage are normally associated with Democrats, the

The 1,534Mw Sandow Station coal-fired electric power plant in Rockdale, Texas:. Credit/Steve Davidson

No need for EPA’s Clean Power Plan

AUSTIN, October 21, 2014 — According to a government report released today, despite a 2.5 percent increase in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in 2013, the United States is on track to achieve the Obama Administration’s goal of reducing emissions 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, without approving the EPA’s controversial Clean Power Plan. The annual

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The stock market, QE and the psychology of asset bubbles

WASHINGTON, October 16, 2014 — Has the stock market’s Day of Reckoning arrived? The occasional dips in the mild amusement park ride of the Dow’s climb from 7,000 to 17,000 have not had any effect on investors until now. The reason was that the big money — the institutional investors — followed the Federal Reserve’s interventions