Economic Politics

Economic Politics

In the 21st century, money and politics seem to be the same thing.

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The economy would probably be in better shape had Obama done nothing. How do you grade a performance like that?

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Situations where the Constitution protects the conflicting interests of two groups demand a balanced legal solution, which respects the rights of both groups, be formulated and adopted.

Thomas Nast cartoon.

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WASHINGTON, March 26, 2014 − Barack Obama is only one of many chief executives of countries around the world who is being forced to...

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Stephen King is more than willing to seek refuge from Maine’s harsh winters by fleeing to Florida, but refuses to escape the black-caped, bloodsucking, confiscatory monster known as the state tax collector.


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The Comeback of the Dollar The euro and the dollar have been scuffling for years. The euro has been winning while the dollar’s been in tears. Considered...

Budget battle.

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WASHINGTON, March 21, 2015 — President Obama and the U.S House of Representatives have delivered competing budget proposals for fiscal 2016, which begins in October....

St. Joseph altar.

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WASHINGTON, March 19, 2015 – After Wednesday’s massive surprise, stocks are back on the downslope Thursday. As of 2 p.m. EDT, the Dow (now...

Atlantis liftoff, 1988.

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WASHINGTON, March 18, 2015 – We promised you a brief update in our earlier report today and here it is. In short, happy days...

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The EPA's Clean Power Plan, if implemented, will raise electricity prices and degrade grid reliability, while providing negligible environmental benefits.

Walrus and Carpenter.

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WASHINGTON, March 18, 2015 – As we await the initial answer in the Federal Reserve Bank’s latest missive (scheduled to be released Wednesday at...

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