Economic Politics

Economic Politics

In the 21st century, money and politics seem to be the same thing.
Bernie Sanders and the 90% Tax

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Bernie Sanders, in Congress, with the tax code. The victim? The U.S. economy. The motive? Revenge.

Here's one kind of header. Wall Street's taking a different kind today.

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We have said many, many times here that in today’s politics, if you lie long enough and loud enough, people will think those lies are the truth.

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Monetary policy and President Obama’s fiscal policy over the last 8 years are turning a severe recession into a pro-longed slump that could be called “Obama’s depression.”

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Electricity prices in Europe and high and rising due to green energy policies.

Obamacare General - Kicking Americans to the Curb

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People are insured, but they can't afford the deductibles and copays; has Obamacare really made us better off?

FDR Memorial Wall.

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Freedom: keep what’s yours, guard what’s someone else’s – and resist anyone who attempts to take it away.

Briefcase of money.

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WASHINGTON, May 25, 2015 − Some people are beginning to notice that as more Republicans get elected, the more things stay the same. Conservative...

Lumber Liquidators ad.

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We’re sniffing bankruptcy here at some point, but also suspect some kind of political conspiracy. The enviro-freaks are, however indirectly, setting an example here of what happens to a company they don’t like.

Cartoon by Branco.

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Next November, 2016, the silent majority is likely to speak loudly again and support candidates who, at long last, give their interests the highest priority.

Cartoon by Branco.

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WASHINGTON, May 20, 2015 – Stock and bond markets were getting some much anticipated clarity from Washington today. Not. Issuing the minutes of the April...

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