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Business Inversions: A symptom of lost economic sovereignty

Business Inversions: A symptom of lost economic sovereignty

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 — With American icon Burger King adding its name to a growing list of companies that are using so-called “business inversions” to avoid paying often higher US taxes, there are a number of solutions on the table to address this growing threat to the American economy and tax base. On the Left,


Hungary is about to nationalize its textbook industry: Could America be next?

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 — In a bold move, the Hungarian government has decided to nationalize its textbook industry, thereby becoming the single publisher of educational books for its primary schools. Leading the charge is Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who justified the controversial decision with the same language that every leader has used on the eve

Photograph is of Rochester borstal Kent, England. c1906 Original photograph owned by the Galleries of Justice Museum

Reforming American education: Learning how to learn

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 — With the school year underway, we can expect one thing: continued criticism and debate over America’s failing education system. For the 2014 school year and beyond, teachers, students, parents, and policymakers need to focus on solutions developed around the American education system’s strengths. Foreign students consistently outperform American students on tests of math,

Our growing tax code / Image by Wolters Kluwer

The easy fix for tax inversion, a corrupt IRS, and high unemployment

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2014 —Burger King has just purchased the Canadian coffee and donut chain Tim Horten. This looks to be a good corporate marriage, blending Horten’s well-known coffee and donuts to Burger King’s well-known hamburgers and fries. It fills a crucial gap in Burger King’s business: breakfast. Burger King is losing market share to McDonalds because

Sign of the times

Bank settlements and the Great Recession: Why businesses need ethics

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2014 — The US Government is making multi-billion dollars settlements with America’s largest banks, including Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Goldman Sachs for their involvement in the housing meltdown. But these settlements dwarf the damage caused by the banks. In addition, they do little to discourage shortsighted, self-serving behaviors that create systemic


Obama lauds GDP growth: Numbers that mean nothing

WASHINGTON, August 25, 2014 – The Obama Administration is pleased to report the continued growth of GDP. Their policies are working; the economy is fine. We have the number to prove it. It is time for politicians and journalists to recognize something that has become very clear to many economists: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is

Camden, N.J is one of the poorest in the United States

Poverty: The poor, their thinking, and their needs

WASHINGTON, August 25, 2014 — August marks the 50th Anniversary of the Economic Opportunity Act, making this a good time to update the thinking on poverty and social programs. The political class is embracing the long-time need to address growing economic disparity and poverty, but the war to save the American Dream and U.S. economic supremacy

President Johnson's poverty tour

Ending the need for government welfare and tackling poverty

WASHINGTON, August 25, 2014 — August marks 50 years since the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 following President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty in his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, poverty has not been eliminated. America’s social safety nets are barely providing for the impoverished. Because the need continues to grow

Michael Brown shooting has opened old wounds about race, photo credit Elvert Barnes / Flickr

Michael Brown’s supporters prove why “Hip Hop Conservatism” is a loser

OCALA, Fla., August 22, 2014 — Ever since the black eighteen-year-old was shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, mindlessness has ruled the day. This has dragged on for nearly two weeks now! Of course, it’s worth noting that Brown was unarmed when killed, as well as