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Cotto & Co.: John Derbyshire on race and American conservatism

Cotto & Co.: John Derbyshire on race and American conservatism

One man who makes no bones about going against the grain is John Derbyshire. He is Joseph Cotto’s guest for a frank conversation on race and conservatism in America.

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Moral hazard at the Export Import Bank: Private gain vs. social risk

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014 — Neal Asbury writes in Money News that Congress’s reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank is a good move. His chief argument in favor of the Ex-Im Bank: This is needed because private American financial institutions will not collateralize foreign receivables or inventory. Without this, legions of small businesses and entrepreneurs that

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Vote to save the American way of life, whatever that means

WASHINGTON, September 25, 2014 — Conservatives claim that liberal “socialist” policies are the greatest threat to the American way of life. From the perspective of liberals, strict capitalist policies backed by conservatives are the greatest threat to the American way of life. In reality, the capitalism versus socialism debate is a distraction that clouds the


FREEDOM: A ‘Common Core’ enhancement for political leaders

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., September 22, 2014 – Whether the Common Core State Standards Initiative is a success or failure, it was spawned by the plummeting performance of the public education system in the United States. Given the plummeting performance of our political leaders, perhaps it is time to consider establishing a set of expectations for those

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More trade, less free trade: debating free trade solutions

WASHINGTON, September 21, 2014 − Every US election, including this fall’s midterms, must inevitably focus on economic issues, especially when Americans are struggling to find decent paying jobs. This era has been defined by an economic disparity that continually diminishes the spending power of the dollar. For over two decades, policymakers have focused heavily on so-called “free

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Obama’s growth recession continues

WASHINGTON, September 20, 2014 — While the Great Recession technically ended in mid-2009, surveys indicate that most Americans still feel its impact and believe we remain in recession. They believe this even though the economy has grown modestly over the last five years. The real problem: We are currently in a growth recession. A recession means that the economy

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Why balance the budget?

WASHINGTON, September 9, 2014 — Representative Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, spoke at the Akron Roundtable luncheon and asked, “Why is it so important to have a balanced budget? We haven’t balanced the budget but one time in the last 50 years.” We had budget surpluses in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, but her question is a good one. Economist are