Economic Politics

Economic Politics

In the 21st century, money and politics seem to be the same thing.

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The Obama record on the economy is tepid growth and stagnant wages; in foreign policy, it's mostly failure. Is that a record to inspire voters? Not likely.

Freaky Friday still.

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WASHINGTON, May 20, 2016 – There’s really not much to report this Freaky Friday afternoon, so we’ll keep it short. We're alluding, of course,...

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Obamacare has helped slow economic growth to a crawl, and minimum wage hikes will destroy jobs; the rule on overtime will be another blow to the economy.

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WASHINGTON, May 18, 2016 – Short report today as we assess the Wednesday afternoon damage, courtesy of the latest Federal Reserve minutes release. Issued...

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WASHINGTON, May 18, 2016 — If you happen to land on Burlington College’s official website, you’ll see it offering an exciting “Travel+Learn” program for...

Yo-yo collection.

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WASHINGTON, May 17, 2016 – We’re back to yo-yo market days this week, as Tuesday’s trading action seems to be following a familiar pattern—namely,...

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WASHINGTON, May 17, 2016 — Loonies are not just the iconic waterfowl embossed on the Canadian dollar coin. Loonies also appear to be embedded...

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Unless Bill re-triangulates himself to the left—and he can pivot with the best of them—Hillary can appeal to nostalgia by embracing him, but not to young voters.

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He'll go to the convention with a plurality of Republican votes and most of the delegates, which he won according to the rules. The RNC should obey those rules.

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If even an oil-rich nation like Saudi Arabia recognizes the necessity of investing in renewables, the writing surely is on the wall for fossil fuels.

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