Donald Trump - 2016

Donald Trump - 2016

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A L.A. Times story bears the headline, “Should California secede? How the state is politically out-of-step with the rest of the country.”

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Gen. Mattis certainly knows the “ugliness of evil,” which is why President Obama fired him in 2013 as head of U.S. Central Command.

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If Trump has the ability to “bury the hatchet” then why not give Romney a chance to see what he can do?

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It’s been so long since America has had a truly brilliant strategist behind the Resolute desk that perhaps we have lost all capacity to see one when he’s standing before us.

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In the Washington Post story on Russian interference in the presidential election they said “is no way to know whether the Russian campaign proved decisive in electing Trump.”

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If the worry is electoral integrity, a recount in the WiMP states won't help. We need recounts in random precincts across the country, from now until doomsday.

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While condemning the recount spearheaded by Jill Stein, Donald Trump has now alleged voter fraud, which could actually support the effort.

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Treason defined is "betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government." Is this what those demanding a recount are doing?

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The SPLC reported a spike in hate incidents in the week after Trump's election. Against a background of 250,000 hate incidents per year, how can they tell?

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Democrats are still reeling from Trump's victory, no longer shocked, but furiously panicked; Trump has the power to be a transformational, game-changing figure.

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