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A UCLA professor is forced to apologize for being racist for an exam question about Louis "Burn This Bitch Down" should have been treated by the law.

Genital mutilation? I've got a great joke about that! / U.S. Government works license

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., December 15, 2014 — Thanks to Vice President Joe “The Gaffer” Biden, we have been treated to yet another example of the...

Celebrate God's gift of life at Christmas | Hobby Lobby

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The 12 days of Christmas serve as the perfect opportunity to pray for life, and to commit to the right to life.

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Conservatives (and some liberals) are crying foul. There are calls for Boehner's head as Speaker. Why are people surprised? What did they expect?

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

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SAN ANTONIO, December 14, 2014 — Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has repeatedly stated that he believes there...

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Women work for 77% of the pay that men receive. Astonishingly, this is absolutely and completely true.

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Barack Obama keeps telling us “that’s not who we are,” but sadly he doesn’t know either.

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Is the Obama Administration the most “transparent” in history? Not by a long shot...


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CHARLOTTE, N.C., December 10, 2014 — It is becoming more difficult by the day to determine who is more dangerous to the American people:...

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Lawless and abusive is the only way to label Obama’s presidential immigration executive order.