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Democrats have complained about election results over and over making what Trump said look incredibly benign when put in context.

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The slogan for the 1868 Democratic Convention was, “This is a White man’s country – let a White man rule.” And really, not much has changed.

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Clinton has little to gain from the debate, while Trump has almost nothing left to lose; expect him to go at her with all that he has as he takes his last shot.

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Wikileaks continues to reveal Clinton's obfuscations - this time its her health.

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The election isn't about what they've said, but about what the candidates will do in the White House. It's not about character, but policy. It's about you.

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Despite the presence of two third-party candidates, one of two people will be elected President on November 8. Here are the real differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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The U.S. ranks 31st among 35 democracies in voter turnout behind Belgium, Sweden, South Korea and more. Bipartisan Policy Center says voting to drop 10% this cycle.

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They knew exactly who Trump was when they endorsed him, yet after hearing some old audio, GOP leaders are running for the exits. They're not standing on principle; they never were.

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The critical factor this close to the end of a very high profile election is support for the candidate, and for the values of the party which he represents.

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"You mean they actually vote for the lizards?" "Oh yes, of course." "But, why?" "Because if they didn't vote for a lizard, the wrong lizard might get in."

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