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Propagators of Fake News on the internet have replaced the crazy man sitting at the end of the bar. But they are far more dangerous.

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The election of Donald Trump was not political push-back. It was cultural. A reality denied by one-eyed Harry Reid and the lefty blind mice of the news and entertainment industrial complex.

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Between house guests, travel and final exams, December is a stressful month; don't make it worse by sweating the small stuff or having a stroke; eat a cookie.

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The Animas River spill was the result of shoddy work performed by the EPA. It is yet another black mark on the government agencies report card but there are no protests, there are no charges, there are no changes.

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It’s clear Trump was playing with the tender emotions of Gore and his sky-is-falling devotees.

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Telling less than the truth to the American people is hardly new. Lies have consequences, often deadly ones.

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A L.A. Times story bears the headline, “Should California secede? How the state is politically out-of-step with the rest of the country.”

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Gen. Mattis certainly knows the “ugliness of evil,” which is why President Obama fired him in 2013 as head of U.S. Central Command.

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UVA has gone mad. Contemporaneity is applying present day mores to the lives of people hundreds of years ago as thought we were all born liberally enlightened.

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If there is a unifying theme here, it’s that jihadists and progressives seem to have the same deranged need for the complete submission of free-thinking Americans.

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