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This column favors the Hamiltonian emphasis on fundamentals over Jeffersonian political rhetoric

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I insist that Dr. King’s dream is realized on a daily basis

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After a period of political excess, there is a political realignment. We’re in for a political reset, and it looks to be a Whiggish Restoration.

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Repealing the ACA law is not the same as destroying the ACA law. Obamacare, and the laws governing Obamacare will continue to exist.

Trump mocks handicapped reporter

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Let’s hope that his shallow statements and lack of specificity about his intentions mean that he will let his advisers lead him and us into a reasonably rational and productive future.

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Donald Trump is a lucky man, and in nothing is he luckier than in his opposition: Reid, Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC have given him everything he wants.

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If the MSM remains unwilling to play by the rules of polite engagement, they need be given a time out from covering President-elect Trump's first 100 days.

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'Hello Chicago,' said Obama to a city mired in debt, a murder spree, and high unemployment after 80 years of Democratic rule. 'It's good to be home!'

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Although Barack Hussein Obama made history by becoming the first black president in the United States, he routinely used race as a shield or a weapon, and because he is a politician, he found ample opportunities to do so.

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In his farewell speech, Obama displayed his greatest gifts, his ability to relate and connect, and to thank each of us for our small part in this great country. He was sincere, he was kind, he was genuine.

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