2016 Democratic Convention

2016 Democratic Convention

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Who do you trust for the real story? The candidates, main stream media, Wikileaks or social media? Are American's able to see through the drone of noise to find the truth

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The Democratic themes this year are hope, free tuition and unity. And fear, lots of fear, because only through fear will we find strength, hope and unity.

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If we have nothing to fear, why are Democrats so afraid of guns, the police, dissenting voices, and Donald Trump? The Democrats' angel of light is confused.

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Were they any good? Judging a speech is not about partisanship. The main criterion of a good political speech is whether it persuades average voters at home.

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The right stuff can come from any candidate with a will to endure the media bias and take charge of what they believe in--not just Democrats.

Is Hillary the future we want, or the past we fear? / Photo by Marc Nozell, Flickr Creative Commons license.

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Hillary's message is social justice; Trump's is growth and security. Voters want jobs more than gender-free bathrooms, security more than free contraception.

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President Obama gave a convention speech that has been widely praised as eloquent, touching and inspiring. It reminded people why he is popular—and why Hillary is not.

Tim Kaine with Joe Biden and Barack Obama - Images are uncredited from social media

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Tim who? After Obama's speech, does anybody remember who he is, or why Hillary Clinton chose him as her running mate? Does anybody care?

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Is Wikileaks choice to not release more than this 14 minutes of emails because they are waiting for Hillary Clinton's nomination acceptance speech tomorrow night?

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The speakers inside the convention hall are speaking to a few hundred delegates. The DNC Convention is shattering.

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