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Burning of the Hindenburg.

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PHOENIX, March 30, 2016 - Webster’s defines success as: The correct or desired result of an attempt. The Obama administration defines success as, well, something else entirely,...

Cartoon by Branco.

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President Obama is golfing in Iran, as he prepares for additional talks in Teheran, aimed at including more Arab states into the United States.

Photo by Pen Waggener, used with Creative Commons license.

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State policy battles give outside groups a chance to spend smarter in 2016.

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Liberals are backing Hillary Clinton mainly because she is a woman. Can anybody name a single successful policy accomplishment she has ever had?

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When John Kerry negotiates, it doesn’t make any difference which door Iran chooses, they will win

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A horrific crime in Boulder, Colorado reignites the debate about fetal homicide. Somehow the left feels it has something to do with abortion.

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Situations where the Constitution protects the conflicting interests of two groups demand a balanced legal solution, which respects the rights of both groups, be formulated and adopted.

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Hillary Clinton's email server has been wiped clean. But the shadows remain.

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We do trust Slick Hillie, but we would like to verify.

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Printed matter can’t be word searched, at least not easily. Untold hours, days and months would be required to search through that many printed emails. Electronic copies can return almost instant results from a word search.

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