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Congressional Republicans have endorsed Obama’s claim: Congress is irrelevant when it asserts its constitutional role as a co-equal branch with the executive.

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Cruz will be a major player in 2016, and he gave two very strong reasons why he should be the next Republican nominee for President last weekend at CPAC.

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So those cheers in the House? They were partly pomp that accompanies any major public display in the Capitol.

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Women’s History Month is one arena where the vote, the issues, the aspirations as well as the challenges are showcased and lifted up to help shatter myths.

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The conventional wisdom says Hillary Clinton should hold off launching her campaign for as long as she can; the conventional wisdom is wrong.

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress

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Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that a picture of Moses was hanging in the back of the capitol. Moses’s people will not back down. They will survive.

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Hillary "chose" to use a personal email, instead of a government issued one, during her tenure at the State Department. One should ask why?

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Until you hear Prime Minister Netanyahu speak, you don't really understand the gravity of the Iran - Israel conflict to Israel

Has the sun set on virtue in civil life?

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It’s called the Tenth Amendment, and asserts all powers not clearly given to the government are retained by the States. How did we get away from that?

White House.gov

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President Obama pulled out all the stops to prevent Bibi from speaking to Congress. Tomorrow we will see it did not work.