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City under a dark cloud - Image by anhgemus used under the Creative Commons license

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When does tolerance turn into letting others walk all over you? How far should standards bend, and where's the line between respect for law and lawlessness?

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Who gets to live in America is none of your business, America, so shut up about immigration already. Oh, yeah, and Donald Trump is a racist.

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Many people, especially those living in the profoundly secularized democracies of the West, believe acts of evil can be rendered good by a political majority.

Jim Webb - from JimWebb.com

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Webb's service to America as a member of the Navy, Secretary of Navy under Reagan, in the DOD and Congress make him ready for the White House

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One currency, one union? More like one big mess. The European Union is destined to fail.

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America, and America's youth needs leadership, not a governmental parent to suck from - which is what the DNC has given them. How the GOP can assure a 2016 victory

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The future cannot be predicted. But the present is proving that command economies (like that of the defunct Soviet Union) don’t respond kindly to, well, commands.

U.S. Army Historical Archive

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Independence day is a celebration of America's independence from England, but it is much more than that; it celebrates an idea, and that idea is human dignity.

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The funding source skews the results of scientific research. Might $68 billion in research and technology money have an impact on what climate researchers find?

US Supreme Court - Image courtesy of http://www.baucus.senate.gov/

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Did John Roberts do the GOP a favor? Overturning Obamacare would create would create a vacuum of chaos that would have destroyed the GOP and played into socialist hands

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Images from the July 3, 2015 performance of Move with Julianne and Derek Hough taken at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA