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If the first presidential debate accomplished anything, it brought into sharp focus the sorry state of modern American feminism.

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President Obama's veto of the aptly named “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” which allows Americans to sue state sponsors of terror, was overwhelmingly overridden by a 97-1 Senate vote.

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The Obama Labor Department has accused a data analytics and security firm of discrimination against Asians. Observers consider the suit frivolous. It's also dangerous.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel hold a joint press availability in the Oval Office July 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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Sadly, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are firm supporters of a $38 billion military package that is destructive policy.

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The first debate taught us nothing of substance. All that remains are the one-liners.

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Pundits think Trump's performance was disastrous, but America may not agree with the pundits; in the end, this contest is bigly not about policy wonkishness.

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Black voters want to know is if the child that they gave birth to would have a fair shake at staying alive, education and breaking the chains of systemic poverty.

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Student debt is an issue but neither candidate has a plan they can call their own or that will actually help students get the educations they need to succeed.

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The first presidential debate of 2016, showed us Clinton was prepared to address the issues, while Donald Trump just spoke off the cuff. Clinton triumphed while Trump failed to draw any blood.

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LOS ANGELES, September 26, 2016 — While the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints were playing a thrilling Monday Night Football contest, the...

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