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Official portrait of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

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Chief Justice Roberts has outraged conservatives with his opinions on Obamacare, but those opinions preserve a liberal policy with conservative reasoning.

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Our need for survival binds us so closely together in opposition to them that we agree — even through our own differences — that killing them without reservation is in our best mutual interest.

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The only question about Chris Christie will be if the straight talking leader has made too many enemies waiting to bring payback and thwart his ambitions.

Chris Christie.

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Chris Christie Wants to Be Our President Chris Christie is a paragon of virtue and of candor: Away from truth he never has attempted to meander. He...

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With a message of “truth, growth and opportunity” Chris Christie is differentiating himself while delivering exactly the message that Americans are eager to hear.

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Barack Obama had a vision of America before he took office. Now his nightmare is real.

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Fiorina has often called out Hillary for her questionable foreign policy record; Unlike Hillary, she knows that flying around the world is an activity and not an accomplishment.

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“For the first time in modern history, Puerto Rico is seeing its population decline. This troubling loss can be traced to an exodus of Puerto Rican citizens to the U.S. mainland… a ‘brain drain’

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Hillary is not a champion of gays, blacks, Jews, or any other disenfranchised group. She is the champion of herself. She fights for her right to fight for her rights while committing grievous wrong.

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After our first half-black president goes out of office in 2017, let’s elect Caitlin Jenner so we can celebrate our first half-female president as well.

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