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The problem for Ms. Davis is that she had numerous options to be in integrity with her beliefs, and she chose to take the path that accomplished nothing.

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From Hillary Clinton to Tom Brady to Kim Davis to President Obama - In recent weeks lawlessness has permeated virtually every aspect of American society.

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There are some fundamental differences between leftists and conservatives. Right now the inmates are running the leftist asylum.

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Trump knows the difference between signing a legally binding contract and signing a worthless piece of paper that might just as easily be assembled into a worthless paper plane.

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Contrary to the absurdities uttered by Judge Bunning, it is not Kim Davis that undermines the rule of law. It is appointed judges that believe they are a law unto themselves.

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Kim Davis is in Caesar's employ, but she claims to serve God. She can't have it both ways and keep her integrity intact.

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When are we going to hold our leaders personally accountable for their actions, even those we consider the elite. Probably never.


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Marine Michael Whaley matters. His voice is a part of this conversation. We support #MichaelWhaleyMatters and share his video here.

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In recent months, cultural tensions have spiked in our country like no other period in the past 50 years.

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Obama gets his legacy item for his library, Kerry gets his Nobel Peace Prize and Iran gets to murder Jews.

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