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WASHINGTON, February 10, 2016 — Recently concluded voting in the New Hampshire party primary elections saw Donald Trump easily win the Republican vote while...

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The New Hampshire GOP Debate covered by ABC, as well as the CNN “mistake” at the time of the Iowa caucuses, are only the most recent demonstrations of the mainstream media’s treatment of Dr. Ben Carson, who is the only black candidate in the race. Does this reveal a blatant bias on the part of the mainstream media?

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More than Benghazi or her emails, the Goldman Sachs debacle epitomizes what's wrong with Hillary and why she's the candidate the left and right love to hate.

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New Hampshire is famous for throwing temper tantrums. South Carolina elects presidents.

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We ignored George Orwell's warning about Socialism in his novel, 1984. And now, Socialism has joined forces with radical Islam to destroy us.

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MSNBC's Chris Matthews, famous for his "thrill up my leg" analysis of an Obama campaign speech, has been shilling for Hillary Clinton. MoveOn.org is not amused.

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While the candidates have competing ideas, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will have presidencies that end in America's economic destruction

ISIS isn't about Islam; it's only about jobs! Pass it on!

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Islamic terrorism isn't new; Thomas Jefferson created and sent in the United States Marine Corps to deal with it. Obama wants to hold hand and read the Koran.

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Feminists Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem come out to shame women to vote for Hillary while “Bernie’s Bros,” are, to the consternation of said feminists, pulling the girls over to Bernie's side.

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Hillary Clinton is losing younger women voters to Bernie Sanders, and threats by feminist icons Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem are not helping her case.

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