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Republicans are offering the first two Hispanic candidates, the first candidate with roots in India, a female candidate, a black candidate, and candidates of all stripes with private sector business experien

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It is extremely uncomfortable when Obama reminds us that is not above the law because he doesn't really believe that for a second.

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Gravity's $70,000 minimum wage means profits no longer go to expansion and technological innovation.


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Now leading the polls, it appears to be, all Trump, all the time. What's important is not Trump’s bombastic statements and larger-than-life personality, but the issue of criminal illegals he has brought to the forefront of the race.

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If the GOP can add some empathy to its already strong platform, the votes will come roaring in.

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HONOLULU, August 3, 2015 - In the debased, godless, Weimar Republic-mimicking culture we inhabit today, the one fear that still terrifies Establishment Democrats and Republicans more...

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Gun free zones need to become places where those who would do harm know they will face a violent response.

Fox News Republican Debate - Image courtesy Fox News

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Join Communities Digital News live chat of the FOX News Channel first Republican Debate on August 6, 2015.

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Obama knows that he is not stopping the spread of the Islamic State. All he is doing is attempting to slow their progress.

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If lick-spittle Republicans ever hope to get to the bottom of the Clinton scandals and, more importantly, get criminal convictions, they need to perfect, as did Nixon, their quiet savagery.

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