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Hillary Clinton's email server has been wiped clean. But the shadows remain.

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We do trust Slick Hillie, but we would like to verify.

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Printed matter can’t be word searched, at least not easily. Untold hours, days and months would be required to search through that many printed emails. Electronic copies can return almost instant results from a word search.

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Colorado District Attorney Stan Garnett inexplicably says that the murder of Baby Girl Ridley was not murder because she was murdered before birth

The Crusades: Wars of defense against Islam

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When Obama lectures America on ISIS and the Crusades, he forgets something important: History.

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Critical Conversations host Lisa Ruth will be talking with Senior Political Editor Dr. Jim Picht and taff writer Jim Eltringham about America's right to vote

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In the early stages of the 2016 GOP race, how does Cruz stack up against Walker, Bush, Paul and the rest of the GOP field?

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The Obama administration is thigh high in secrecy despite his promises for transparency

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Bergdahl’s pending court martial proves that his trade was calculated to advance the administration’s program to leave no jihadist fighter behind.

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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel March 25, 2015 — Barack Obama is very lucky the White House is not made of glass, because the stones he...

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