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AIPAC President Robert Cohen declared that the 16,000 delegates represented the largest AIPAC attendance ever.

Jezebel.com is wrong, wrong, wrong

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The Daily Beast and Jezebel have issued retractions following the school's clarification of the facts, but the damage is done. But it won't matter.

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The Smiling Poop emoji is literally a pop icon — or should we say, poop icon?

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Americans want to know who their leaders are. Scott Walker is far from alone in not knowing the answer to the question.

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It’s time Republican voters stop supporting oxymoronic, weak-sister, establishment GOP “conservatism.”

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At CPAC the conservative movement showed itself to be a place for vigorous and vibrant debates about substantive policy matters.

Medicare: A good investment? / Picture: Images of Money, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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WASHINGTON, February 28, 2015 — According to the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell, everyone gets a handout from the government to pay for health care once they...

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Hollywood does not want to reflect true movie goers’ values by awarding those actors and entertainment industry participants with an official acknowledgment.

CPAC - DAy 2

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Paulbots screamed and yelled and acted like Barbarians. 1776 Man continues his rude ways

1960 Classroom | Wikipedia

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There was a time that High School students were required to know the basics. Do you?