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Images from Clinton Global Initiative Flickr.com (all rights reserved) Used under Fair use educational and news purposes

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The Clinton Global Initiative tackles many interesting projects; but should our state universities be supporting the foundation to the tune of $500,000?

Images: US Coast Guard | President Obama = WhiteHouse.gov

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In his Coast Guard commencement speech, President Obama blamed climate change for today’s problems. Really?

Capt Beau Biden and fellow Guardsmen from the 261st Tactical Theater Signal Brigade, Delaware Army National Guard, board a plane bound for Iraq. (Image | Delaware National Guard)

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Tragedy strikes the Biden family once again as Beau Biden, aged 46, succumbs to brain cancer

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It is easy to fault Senator Paul for his tactics, but the truth is that the fault lies in his colleagues and the thinking of those responsible for US National Security.

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Man has contemplated the moon since the dawn of time. But it needs a clean up crew!

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Does the Fourth Amendment need to take a back seat to fighting terrorism?

It's punishment, but is it justice?

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The death penalty is legal punishment, but is it justice?

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Thursday, a federal grand jury indicted Danny Hastert on two counts proving once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely

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Americans would be wise to remember John F. Kennedy for what he believed in and what he was willing to fight for as a leader and not the tragic events that took his life.

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HONOLULU, May 28, 2015 — Is ISIS invincible? The fall of Ramadi and the Islamic proto-caliphate’s ongoing resistance to some of the most advanced Western...

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