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What Albright made clear is that if you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton you’re going to a special place in hell reserved just for you. I thought liberals did not believe in Christianity?

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In 2014, the U.S. State Department quietly raised the citizenship renunciation fee by 422%, from $450 to the current $2,350, the highest in the world.

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It remains to be seen whether Ben Carson will ever gain the respect of the media. As Carson likes to say, the media doesn’t elect the president, “We the people” do.

Courtesy of John Kasich on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JohnKasich/

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Gov. John Kasich is poised to surprise the national media with a strong showing in New Hampshire that could finally alter the state of the race for the Republican nomination.

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Barack Obama will leave office defending Islam. He is defending the indefensible.

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Theatrics obscures the real issues in this year's presidential contest, which are quite serious—even existential.

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Chris Christie and Jeb Bush were the surprising winners of the New Hampshire debate.

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When asked or challenged about anything, Clinton predictably gives the wrong answer.

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Bernie Sanders says taking special interest money is a problem; Hillary Clinton says talking about it is a smear. Does it matter what Goldman Sachs paid Hillary?

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While President Obama and Paul Krugman herald America’s great economic strides, Mother Market is pricing in another recession… or worse.

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