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Bowe Bergdahl

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Berghdahl to be charged for walking away, however Obama will be able to pardon him

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Post Cold War Japan and other U.S. allies are ill-equipped for the instability caused by ISIS and other terror forces.

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The bank suggested we move some of mom's money to a savings account - then they would not let us - and hence the comedy begins and end

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Assisted suicide is simply state-sanctioned murder. At first it's optional. “Obamacare” already has provisions for end-of-life counseling and health care rationing.

Blackjack Table - Wikipedia

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It is the difference between the transfer of wealth and the creation of wealth by actually improving the mousetrap.

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Without the selfies and the tweets and social media stunts,, we might not know that the President is working and not on the golf course.

Hey, I'm people too! | Keith Kissel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kakissel

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Republicans are wasting time fighting Obamacare. It's time to bow to inevitability and embrace the logical next step in true, universal healthcare rights.

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Mr. Nisman, you see, was found dead in his Buenos Aries apartment two days prior to the president’s speech, a single gunshot wound to the head.

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CHARLOTTE, NC, January 26, 2015 – For centuries the Saxony region of Germany has been a place where protests are born. It has been...


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A TSA agent confiscated a two inch prop from a sock puppet believing it to be a threat to airport security. An effective TSA means a TSA ruled by common sense


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