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Those old Western's are enjoying new fans among millenials. Perhaps it is the Western's celebration of American tradition that beckons to a new generation of converts.

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One currency, one union? More like one big mess. The European Union is destined to fail.

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America, and America's youth needs leadership, not a governmental parent to suck from - which is what the DNC has given them. How the GOP can assure a 2016 victory

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The future cannot be predicted. But the present is proving that command economies (like that of the defunct Soviet Union) don’t respond kindly to, well, commands.

U.S. Army Historical Archive

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Independence day is a celebration of America's independence from England, but it is much more than that; it celebrates an idea, and that idea is human dignity.

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The funding source skews the results of scientific research. Might $68 billion in research and technology money have an impact on what climate researchers find?

US Supreme Court - Image courtesy of http://www.baucus.senate.gov/

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Did John Roberts do the GOP a favor? Overturning Obamacare would create would create a vacuum of chaos that would have destroyed the GOP and played into socialist hands

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America is suffering this July 4th, but we will join together to end the hate, anger and divisions thrust upon us.

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Jerome believed in what modern economists call the “fixed cake fallacy.” The silly theory (believed by Karl Marx) states that all wealth is fixed, and, like physical matter, cannot be made or destroyed, only rearranged.

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This is not the time to shrink back or the time to turn around in defeat from ISIS. Now is the time for Obama to take the offensive with full afterburners blazing.

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Images from the July 3, 2015 performance of Move with Julianne and Derek Hough taken at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA