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There are several Republicans who could still enter the race and vault into top tier status. Here is a look at the Republican non-candidates.

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With a double digit lead over umpty-ump other Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump is a legitimate story.

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Republican candidates for president in 2016 don’t have a Donald Trump problem, they have an immigration policy problem with Republican voters.

From left, Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33, were killed by a gunman in a movie theater in Lafayette, La., on Thursday night.

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Violent crime is most often the result of normal human nastiness, not insanity; James Holmes' insanity plea and John Houser's insanity mustn't blind us to that.

President Thomas Jefferson - President Andrew Jackson

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Democrats are doing their best to erase any history that connects them to slavery and their shameful role in it.

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Barack Obama loves nothing more than providing foggy legislation and the Iran deal is no different

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The rise of the "Tea Party" - that is, renascent conservatism - is attributable less to the onslaught of Democrats and more to the arrogance of the GOP leadership.

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Fear is the mind killer, and it has made stupid both people who want more guns and those who want fewer. It isn't guns that will make us safer or less safe.

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The Republican Party would be wise to keep Sydney Leathers far away from the 2016 GOP Convention. She seems to be the most sexually powerful woman since Cleopatra.

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Almost forty years ago, there was another fight to censor an offensive flag and more

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