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Trump is not your typical Republican candidate for president that drops to the floor and grovels unseemingly in a vain attempt to win the undying love and respect of the mainstream media.

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Flanagan rejected the idea that he was the problem, a gigantic pain-in-the-ass in the workplace and, instead, chalked up his vast human failings to racism.

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But you don’t build a multi-billion dollar business empire in real estate, entertainment, and retail without understanding precisely what it is that makes people want to buy.

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Does it matter what our color is? Maybe when you claim to be something you are not. With more than a bit of deja vu, #BlackLivesMatter activist is revealed as white, not black

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Is there any wonder why apathy runs rampant throughout our nation? Or why Americans are responding to Donald Trump?

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Biden’s entrance into the race may spell the end for Hillary Clinton, who the DNC may end up pushing away as the investigation into her email account activity goes on.

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How the presidential candidates address issues like illegal immigration will seriously affect their ability to engage matters of state in a constructive manner.

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Bob Menendez went against Obama on Iran and it didn't end well for him.

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China has managed to achieve global hegemony without its army having to fire a shot or detonate one intercontinental ballistic missile.

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America stands for opportunity and just about everyone on this planet knows that and this is why we have people from nearly every nation on earth living within our borders.

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The first 2015 supermoon was the new moon on January 20, followed by new moons on February 18 and March 20 that were also Blue Moons and next the August 29, 2015