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Donald Trump | Image Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia creative commons

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In his presidential bid, Donald Trump has dominated the media. He might be just what we need to counter Hillary Clinton's dominance of liberal coverage

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Republican Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina introduced a resolution to “vacate” House Speaker John Boehner’s chair, a procedural measure that, had it succeeded, would have forced the election of a new top leader for the chamber.

Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton - Lincoln Chafee - Jim Webb - Martin O'Malley

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Each candidate has their pluses and minuses. Attached is the scorecard for the five Democrats running.

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America will be placed in the position of using our military might, the product of more than half of our tax dollars that go into the federal budget, to put up or shut up.

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Trump may actually take a couple tumbles during the August 6 debate if Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Walker or the others land real solid verbal politically substantive policy punches.

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If he can earn a spot at the table on August 6th at the debate in his back yard of Cleveland, Ohio, John Kasich could very well be the man to beat going forward.

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What do you fear more, a future filled with past-their-prime Arnold Schwarzenegger androids, or a real-world, nuclearized sponsor of international terrorism with a global reach, Iran?

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Mike Huckabee has forced Hillary Clinton to respond on her foreign policy record.

Democrat non-candidates: Gore, Biden, Warren, Booker, Cuomo

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The party that obsesses over diversity, multiculturalism and identity politics fails to achieve the first two while excelling at the third.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Allen West, Rudy Guliani, Mike Pence

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There are several Republicans who could still enter the race and vault into top tier status. Here is a look at the Republican non-candidates.

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