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The 2016 election has been one surprise after another. Can anyone figure it out?

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The Trump and Clinton campaigns and their most ardent supporters are united on this: A third-party vote is a wasted vote, a copout, an act of false virtue, and an endorsement of evil.

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Donald Trump has survived problems that would have destroyed any other candidate. Why is he still in the running? Because his supporters are true believers.

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How do the states' electoral votes really ad up? Here is how we see contest. Agree or disagree?

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WikiLeaks reveal Clinton plan for open borders which make it that much easier for ISIS to bring Sharia Law and horrific terrorism to America’s streets

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Relying on plausible deniability McAuliffe just says there is no there-there. However donations funneled from Clinton to FBI Deputy McCabe's wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, via McAuliffe, it seems there is plenty of there - there.

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Both candidates are emphasizing a strong anti-terrorism policy as concerns about terrorism continue to rise.

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Trump is kind of a wild man in some ways, but he hasn’t spent the last 30 years in Washington drinking the Kool-Aid.

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Ecuadorian officials have restricted Julian Assange's internet access in the wake of Wikileaked emails and documents belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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The Supreme Court is not and should not be a representative body; sometimes the court should even be on the side of corporations, the powerful and the wealthy.

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