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The funding source skews the results of scientific research. Might $68 billion in research and technology money have an impact on what climate researchers find?

US Supreme Court - Image courtesy of http://www.baucus.senate.gov/

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Did John Roberts do the GOP a favor? Overturning Obamacare would create would create a vacuum of chaos that would have destroyed the GOP and played into socialist hands

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America is suffering this July 4th, but we will join together to end the hate, anger and divisions thrust upon us.

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Jerome believed in what modern economists call the “fixed cake fallacy.” The silly theory (believed by Karl Marx) states that all wealth is fixed, and, like physical matter, cannot be made or destroyed, only rearranged.

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This is not the time to shrink back or the time to turn around in defeat from ISIS. Now is the time for Obama to take the offensive with full afterburners blazing.

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Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are all the talk on the media. O'Malley is nowhere to be seen.

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Our need for survival binds us so closely together in opposition to them that we agree — even through our own differences — that killing them without reservation is in our best mutual interest.

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The Christie candidacy is a large billboard announcing the GOP’s shriveling intellectual and political significance.

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The American left, as ignorant of history as ever, has started a cultural jihad against the wrong target.

Official portrait of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

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Chief Justice Roberts has outraged conservatives with his opinions on Obamacare, but those opinions preserve a liberal policy with conservative reasoning.

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