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Actor Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, escorting dead American soldiers home.

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Once upon a time, Rolling Stone was a credible magazine that offered great music reviews and credible social issue news. Those were the days my friends.


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A TSA agent confiscated a two inch prop from a sock puppet believing it to be a threat to airport security. An effective TSA means a TSA ruled by common sense

U.S. Army: Their job is your security / Photo: U.S. Army

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WASHINGTON, January 24, 2015 — The federal government is tasked with a handful of critical functions. The most important among these is to ensure national security....

Francis and Obama: Egyptian royalty? / Photo: White House Government works license

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The Charlie Hebdo attack is yesterday's news, but today's problem. President Obama and Pope Francis are making sure it stays that way.

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President Obama, it’s clear, sees himself as the most evolved creature on Earth.

Democrat or Republican - just more empty sugar covered in chocolate

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This is laughable, of course, because Left Twix and Right Twix “carry themselves” the exact same way. Beyond mere rhetoric, they are indistinguishable.

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Michael Moore’s remark that snipers are cowards has brought out the worst from some in the Internet.

Lord Voldemort | http://www.hdwallpapers.in/walls/lord_voldemort-HD.jpg

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We should just all decide to never say the name Obama again - because if you take away the name, you take away the power

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Earlier this month the attorney generals from eight states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief in the ongoing case of Stephen V. Kolbe v. Martin O’Malley.


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Israel should be content to be the "homeland" of its own citizens, Jewish, Christian and Muslim.


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