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PAIRED: Slow-cooked food and Lodge Cast Iron

PAIRED: Slow-cooked food and Lodge Cast Iron

SEATTLE, October 14, 2014 — For the first time on Paried, we’re excited to announce a giveaway sponsored by our friends at Lodge. One caller will win a 5 quart dutch oven, cook book and silicone handle holders, shipped directly to them from Lodge*! Listeners can dial (914) 803-4460 to ask your questions and for a chance


A Walking Dead Halloween party: Long pork and blood orange cake

WASHINGTON, October 26, 2014 — A character on AMC’s series The Walking Dead learned last week that his barbecued leg was surprisingly tasty. We viewers couldn’t help but notice that it looked delicious. My inner Dahmer is hungry for long pork. Unless you grew up in New Guinea, the odds are small that you’ve ever


John Oliver leads the pumpkin spice revolt

SEATTLE — October 13, 2014 — Having a Monday morning without a John Oliver video to watch from his broadcast the night before is like drinking a pumpkin spice latte which doesn’t contain real pumpkin. HBO’s John Oliver has put together a hilarious rant against the ever-so-popular pumpkin spice found in many drinks and other foods