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Judge Lisa Gorcyca is again under scrutiny for her behavior in an Oakland County custody case.

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Oakland County, Michigan Judge Lisa Gorcyca apparently has no qualms about naming a disgraced lawyer to represent litigants in her courtroom.

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For Trish, life in foster care was filled with trials. But she travailed. Graduated high-school and was accepted to two colleges. Unfortunately her story is the exception, not the rule.


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The new American Christian Civil Rights Movement (ACCRM) ‘Unborn Person of the Year’ video launches a national and international campaign to give these unborn babies the opportunity, that Time Magazine’s cover never afforded them.

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Lillian Song said her parenting time was suspended after Guardian Ad Litem Keri Middleditch informed the court she was documenting bruises after her son's visit with his father.

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The American story will never be finished, but it does have a beginning - and for many families that was Brooklyn, highlighted in a new book and movie

You might be surprised about the attitude of most teens and young adults toward their parents getting divorce. Photo: GraphicStock

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SAN DIEGO, Jan. 21, 2016 – So often, married couples try to put off a divorce when they have young children, thinking it would...

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This year, instead of focusing exclusively on new goals and aspirations, take time to look back at how far you have come and organize your memorabilia so you can treasure past experiences.

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An “ugly” but private email will test the limits of free speech and possibly set precedent

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Director Tipton firmly believes that millions of Christians across the nation are ready to see a movie that tells their story and their victory as Christians.

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Are deep snows time for hibernation, or play? Washington, D.C., as much as any other town, transforms in the snow to something very beautiful. And fun.