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Children should be protected in divorce, not made to be lifelong victims.

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Fireworks continue in the Rucki trials.

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Sandra Grazzini-Rucki is charged with eight felonies, including two added in the last couple of weeks, stemming from her alleged involvement in the disappearance of two of her daughters, Samantha and Gianna, in 2013.

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Kenneth Chenault, Oprah, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama: Black Americans have made huge strides, so why the despair over race?

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Are we doing what we need to do to honor the men and women that sacrificed their health to serve their country?

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Teenage boys have strange bonding rituals that include terms of endearment like "a#$@#" and "f%$@" and exchanges of food. These are best observed on birthdays.

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Despite receiving censure for violating legal ethics, Judge Gorcyca continues to enjoy the support of at least some of her colleagues.

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A protective mother said courts, police departments and Child Protective Services (CPS) in two states are covering up child molestation and threatening to force her daughter into unsupervised visits with her abuser.

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Adolescence is tough on kids, but it's tough on dads, too. There's no shock like realizing your little girl is a woman.

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It’s not a day to celebrate the freedom and independence of America. It’s an excuse to barbeque, and blow stuff up.

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