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According to Jay Walker, the greatest moment in the history of human imagination entailed nothing less than a complete rejection of our senses.

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Carefully and sincerely examine what your resolutions mean to you and just how seriously you respect your commitments to yourself.

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Materialism, an overabundance of gift giving, cannot replace personal attention given to your loved ones.

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‘A life of meaning and purpose is one focused less on satisfying oneself and more on others. It is a life rich in compassion, altruism and greater meaning.’

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Dr. Danny de Gracia shares five tips to make it through stressful holidays without cracking under pressure.

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On this day, give thanks not only for our freedoms, but also for the blessing of friends and family. A day of togetherness rekindles family unity and creates memories we can re-live all year.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inclined to see God as our always present and hugely generous source of good.

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Declaring God's "anointed" in an election makes a mockery of both the Bible and the American democratic process.

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In God’s Word, we see overwhelming evidence that faith and trust in Him through obedience is the key to our receiving bountiful blessings.

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Tempting as it may be to sit around and grouse about the dishonesty of others, the demand is to be honest ourselves.

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