Daily Musings

Daily Musings

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 11, 2015 — Now that the Halloween decorations have been put away, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays....

Educational Image: Courtesy http://www.willseye.org/health-library/primary-eye-care

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The eye exam - ruining the rest of the day for the near, and far-sighted alike.

Life of Picht - All Rights Reserved

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The best things in life are not the major events, but the every day little things.

The paradox of immigration

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Immigration will change America. For the better, but also for the worse. Do we want to be a country that embraces the better, or lives in fear of the worse?

Shaun King - Missye Clarke - Rachel Dolezal

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Does it matter what our color is? Maybe when you claim to be something you are not. With more than a bit of deja vu, #BlackLivesMatter activist is revealed as white, not black

On Flanders fields the poppies grow / Photo: Jim Picht

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Why do we want to fight ISIS? What are our goals in Syria? Before we send Marines, Soldiers and Sailors to die, we owe them good answers.

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America, this country of many different parts and many different cultures, is in trouble.

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Outdoor specialist, Steve Heib, gives pointers on fishing from your surfboard.

Duke basketball is great; the NCAA is not. / Image by wjarrettc, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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The NCAA is a cartel that has one purpose: To make piles of money. It does it well, enriching coaches, broadcasters, NCAA execs—everyone but the athletes.

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WASHINGTON, March 15, 2015 — On Thursday March, 12 members of the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department,  along with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS...

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