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WASHINGTON, December 27, 2014 – If you were my friend on Facebook, you might have read this status update from me on Christmas: “Catherine started...

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Seattle, December 27, 2014 — There can be a bit of a challenge when describing how successful Hyundai has been over the past 5...

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Strip down the holiday to what is most meaningful to you, then don’t worry about the rest. It isn’t important, so don’t make it important by mourning its absence.

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But just because you get a little mopey during the winter doesn’t mean that you need to change your life, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have SAD.

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If everyone agrees that texting while driving is bad, why do we keep doing it?

NYE Ball, Times Square

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“People aren’t ready to change their habits, particularly their bad habits, and that accounts for the high failure rate.”

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in the Christmas and New Year’s holiday spirit, here are our top ten tips for family graciousness, focusing on good manners even in the midst of the madding crowd.

Ralphie - Christmas Gift Coma! | Image - A Christmas Story

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WASHINGTON, December 25, 2014 — I've totally freaked out my son. A friend of mine told me about her family's Christmas: They drew names for gift giving, and had...

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On the other hand there is the way of simple, trusting faith in a genuine relationship with our Maker

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When we grasp the universality of the Creator, we can stop seeing people as Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians etc., - people are just people.