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Between house guests, travel and final exams, December is a stressful month; don't make it worse by sweating the small stuff or having a stroke; eat a cookie.

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Reviewing the rules for sane, and appropriate, Christmas gift giving.

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The veterans who served in World War II still have vivid memories of those days when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and they stood up to meet the challenge.

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Cemetery mapping is another advancement that GPR has made possible

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Lou Gehrig died of an incurable disease called ALS. Now I am fighting the same war and this is my story

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UVA has gone mad. Contemporaneity is applying present day mores to the lives of people hundreds of years ago as thought we were all born liberally enlightened.

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The three main ways you can cyber cheat and how the age of technology makes it easy and convenient to do so, further blurring the lines of what is really “cheating” in this day and age:

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As Holiday plans unfold, and meal planning gets underway, consider the make-ahead option of an elegant and delightful Caramelized Pear Bread Pudding dessert.

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Preserving Europe's rural culture gave rise to the idea of outdoor, living museums filled with gardens and animals so that people will never forget the heritage of their country.

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Dr. Danny de Gracia shares five tips to make it through stressful holidays without cracking under pressure.

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