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La Luce, The Waldorf \ Image Jacquie Kubin

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Italian food, with its rich tapestry of flavors, should always be served family style and a friendly staff that meets each and every request with ease, as it is at La Luce.

Eureka Spring | Image Jacquie Kubin

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Small town dining becomes not unlike going to a favorite friends home for dinner. The food just seems to taste better.

Ellie Willingham

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The 26-year-old college graduate designs and creates fashion items made from pelts that she harvests as a hunter and a trapper.

Hey, I'm people too! | Keith Kissel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kakissel

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Republicans are wasting time fighting Obamacare. It's time to bow to inevitability and embrace the logical next step in true, universal healthcare rights.

Facebook 99

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Seems a study conducted by a non-profit “99 Days of Freedom” shows that most of us actually have a ‘complicated relationship’ in regard to the social networking giant.

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Nothing can create an appreciation for the blessing of freedom like having the threat of that blessing being taken away.

Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill

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The AJ burrito (also available in a bowl), features organic brown rice, organic black beans and steamed broccoli.

Time to clean out the kitchen cabinets and fridge | Image: James Moran

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The holidays are past, cleaned up and its ready to look toward spring. Start you cleaning now in the kitchen and change your spices (and fire alarm batteries).

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Farmers, consumers and advocates unite under banner of strengthening the local, organic food movement.

Mindy Kaling sunbathes naked in Central Park in Nationwide Insurance Superbowl Advideo

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Super Bowl ad may have hit a nationwide nerve that is none to funny as too many people feel they are just not being seen, or heard.


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