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It is wise to allow the machinery of a Democratic-Republic carry on the hopes and dreams of our Founders.

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This column favors the Hamiltonian emphasis on fundamentals over Jeffersonian political rhetoric

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I insist that Dr. King’s dream is realized on a daily basis

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On Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Americans are witnessing the de-evolution of the gains made by the great civil rights leader in the 1960s.

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For those in bondage as slaves, the Emancipation Proclamation served as their declaration of independence, and determined the destiny of the nation as the Land of the Free.

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The Democratic Party has always tolerated violence and terror as tools of manipulation and control, but that tolerance has produced a mounting body count.

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History reveals that many unions and the Democrats have much in common: a focus on self-preservation, self-promotion, and personal or political success at the expense of the general public

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With respect to history, the first part of this series of articles delves a bit into the foundations of the “Democratic” Party, and it indicates that Obama is actually just the latest leader of the Party willing to use force or terror to obtain, maintain, and retain (despite great cost) political power and control of the government.

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President Barack Obama’s final foreign policy speech last week focused primarily on a defense of his overall efforts in fighting the War on Terror, but his actual words, in light of the more blatant and brutal terrorist attacks on American soil, truly ring hollow.

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In the case of the attack on Pearl Harbor, disinformation has caused Americans to question reality, and to wonder whether the U.S. could actually be the cause of such devastation and destruction.

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So now Mr. Trump, and family, have come to Washington. And we wish them, and America, well.