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Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday that should not be tainted with political or racist efforts to divide people.

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Every Cinco de Mayo, Americans embrace the richness of Mexican culture through parades, community events, picnics, parties and a variety of other celebrations.

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May Day, which first originated in the Northern Hemisphere during pre-Christian times, began as a celebration of spring and fertility.

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A grateful people elected George Washington President of the United States of America to show their gratitude. In return, Washington sincerely offered his gratitude to the One whom he knew had helped him lead despite the obstacles.

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Most everyone knew that the brave souls in Lexington and Concord had fired on and killed the King's troops. This was certainly an act of war, and comparable to firing on King George III himself.

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It is fitting that Lincoln be remembered as a great historic example of a person’s persistent belief in honorable ideals and making heroic sacrifices for the sake of others.

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Will the ideals of freedom espoused by Thomas Jefferson be there for America’s future generations?

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There is an emergent need not only to acknowledge the wisdom found in ancient health texts, but also to better utilize the gifts found in Mother Nature, allowing people to work together harmoniously to ensure man's ability to survive the coming "post-antibiotic era."

Burning of the Hindenburg.

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PHOENIX, March 30, 2016 - Webster’s defines success as "the correct or desired result of an attempt." The Obama administration defines success as, well, something else...

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Washington had exposed himself to death so often during the war, yet performed one of the most strident acts of a leader after the old general died when he freed all of his slaves.

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Around the world people have used protests, and riots, to express their anger at their governments