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Dr. Ben Carson stands out as more than just another GOP candidate amidst the entire group who participated in the debate arena last Wednesday.

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Grandparents still have time still time to voice what is in their hearts and in their minds, the freedom to exercise their First Amendment rights, to express their beliefs and their sense of regard and respect for the nation that nourished and nurtured them in the values of Freedom and Liberty.

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Labor Day was born due to the fear of losing a very valuable political constituency in the wake of incredibly intense labor unrest throughout our country.

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Labor Day was born in the wake of some of the most turbulent labor unrest in our country’s history.

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All about Labor Day, from the origins of the holiday to safety and travel tips.

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If the GOP can add some empathy to its already strong platform, the votes will come roaring in.

William Shakespeare. (Via Wikipedia)

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WASHINGTON, August 3, 2015 − While most Americans weren't looking, our schools − colleges, universities, and high schools − have largely abandoned what was...

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Although the storming of the Bastille was a moment of hope for freedom, the French Revolution was stolen by a small but radical political faction fueled by resentment and rage that manipulated such hope, and committed some of the most inhumane atrocities in human history.

The bottom two black spots on the sun, known as sunspots, appeared quickly over the course of Feb. 19-20, 2013 | Image NASA.gov

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Solar activity since 1975 does not correlate to earth's late 20th century warming. Thus, it cannot be a primary driver of earth's short term temperature rise.

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Now is the time for all true Americans to come out of the closet and reaffirm the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

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