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Inauguration Speech Sketch Notes | Copyright @ 2014 Doug Neill

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Dr. King was genuinely a man of God and it was his relationship with God that gave him such strength and courage to transform from the humble preacher to the modern-day prophet.

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The true culprit is the silent and very deadly racism that is practiced by black and liberal political officials

President Lincoln visits Civil War troops | Historical Image

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Along with other “firsts” that began during the Civil War, such as hospital ships, postal delivery, and the first submarine, we can add the income tax

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Ben Franklin understood that it was not the Constitution, but the adherence to and the administration of the ideals in the document, that would perpetuate the government of the people

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SAN JOSE, CA, January 10, 2015 - On January 10, over one hundred and fifty years ago, as the new year of 1863 got...

Janus, the god of beginnings / Photo: TheRevSteve, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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The New Year isn’t just about a new year; it’s about a new you.

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The custom of offering Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, or representations thereof, as Epiphany gifts was common for centuries. I

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Lawless and abusive is the only way to label Obama’s presidential immigration executive order.

Pearl Harbor - Historical image in the public domain

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The historical shockwaves of the bombs dropped on that Day of Infamy continue to be felt and remembered in Hawaii.

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This volume of history should serve as a warning to beware of allowing too much power to be concentrated in the hands of determined and dangerous narcissists.