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Critical thinking, effective communication, independent research, and teamwork are necessary for a successful debate. History testifies to this

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The American people have been through so much in the course of the nation’s history, but like the previous generations of citizens who were willing to sacrifice -- even die -- to remain a free people, Americans need to reaffirm their high regard for freedom and to reaffirm their respect for the Constitution.

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FORT WORTH, Texas, September 3, 2011 — The phone rang as I gave my seven month old daughter her morning breathing treatment. Re-arranging my...

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Since the days of Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have been affected in direct or indirect ways by the terrorist attacks upon the nation, upon property, and upon the American way of life.

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The real bottom line is that Socialism is antithetical to freedom.

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Colin Kaepernick has a right not to stand for the national anthem. But if he knew more about the history of black patriotism in America, he might change his mind.

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We can learn much from the difficult struggle for women's right to vote in America.

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By 1869, the real disagreement over ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment led to the creation of two separate women's suffrage organizations.

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Some authorities go so far as to say “Ben Hur” was the most influential book of its day. Ironically, the seeds of “Ben Hur” had been planted by the most famous atheist of his time.

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Free-market piracy is a time proven and much more cost effective weapon of war than the approach the US is currently taking.

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