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On April 22 each year, over one billion people worldwide come together in celebration of Mother Earth.

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It’s not so much what we owe others but what we think they owe us that has the greatest impact on our mental and physical well-being.

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Having a sense of humor when dealing with the issues of aging goes a long way.

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Keeping America beautiful is a gift not only to ourselves but also to the lives of those around us.

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There is an emergent need not only to acknowledge the wisdom found in ancient health texts, but also to better utilize the gifts found in Mother Nature, allowing people to work together harmoniously to ensure man's ability to survive the coming "post-antibiotic era."

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Despite years of searching, we’re still no closer to finding the antidote to ‘sneazin’ season.’ Could it be that there’s a spiritual solution?

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Parents must proceed with great caution when considering buying a live Easter bunny for their family.

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What was once written off as nothing more than ‘spontaneous remission’ could very well be a harbinger of treatments to come.

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The following springtime Peach, Plum and Apricot Crisp, discovered in, is a treasure to consume and delightful to behold on any supper table.

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‘Is there a time we will discover that healing responses and mind-body medicine really moves more toward the mind side than the body side?’

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