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Naomi Feil’s ability to build bridges with Alzheimer’s patients is remarkable – and instructive.

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Viewing movies which represent real life superheroes provide inspiration and hope.

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A human heart requires nurturing, attention and care if it is to be healthy and fully functioning.

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I decided to seek out Miami fitness expert Matt Pack for direction on managing my physical particles for 2015.

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‘Subsidies for charitable contributions not only increase how much we give, they also improve our mental and physical well-being.’ Really?

Obamacare General - Kicking Americans to the Curb

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Americans able to pay for Obamacare under the presidents's plan will be kicked to the curb, ill, unable to work and unable to afford healthcare.

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This coming Valentine's Day, add a loving gesture to a romantic chocolate gift by making it from scratch.

Beyonce - 22 Days to Break a Habit

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Service offers 100% plant-based, made with organic ingredients, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and dairy free delivered once a week.

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Even if it seems like we’ve run out of options, the search for solutions can’t let up for a moment.

Colorado Assisted Suicide

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An assisted suicide bill was laid to rest Friday in the Colorado House.