What we need to know from about ourselves and our world

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Parents must proceed with great caution when considering buying a live Easter bunny for their family.

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What was once written off as nothing more than ‘spontaneous remission’ could very well be a harbinger of treatments to come.

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The following springtime Peach, Plum and Apricot Crisp, discovered in, is a treasure to consume and delightful to behold on any supper table.

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‘Is there a time we will discover that healing responses and mind-body medicine really moves more toward the mind side than the body side?’

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The EPA's Clean Power Plan, if implemented, will raise electricity prices and degrade grid reliability, while providing negligible environmental benefits.

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The Internet has a funny way of conflating fact and fiction, fooling us into believing some rather odd and inaccurate things about ourselves.

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‘Simply seeing another patient suffering pain can make a treatment hurt more.’

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The difference between Professor Roger Pielke Jr. and his climate-fascist detractors are the same that exists between freedom and totalitarianism.


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Actress Julianne Moore's Oscar-winning performance as Alice, in the movie "Still Alice," is a big win for the awareness of early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

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Naomi Feil’s ability to build bridges with 'unreachable' Alzheimer’s patients is remarkable – and instructive.

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