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Scientists agree: Vaccination is a good idea / Photo: Sanofi Pasteur, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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Why do some people trust science on global warming, but not on vaccines? On vaccines, but not GMOs?

A genetic mutation in a single ancestor turns brown eyes blue

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A genetic mutation 6-10,000 years ago is the cause of eye color of all blue-eyed people on the planet.

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SAN DIEGO, January 27, 2015 — Vitamin D is produced in the body primarily through exposure to sunlight. For Americans who live in the northern...

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A genuine aspiration for a more spiritual perspective on life is just the ticket for gaining and maintaining sound minds and bodies.

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SAN DIEGO, January 20, 2015 — Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients necessary for overall good health. They are not commonly found in a standard...

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The rush to label people with one medical condition or another has gotten out of hand. What’s the cost? What’s the remedy?

This Changes Everything - Capitalism vs Climate by Naomi Klein

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A deeply insightful and unflinching look at the global threats posed by climate change, environmental devastation, and economic injustice.

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Many Americans are not consuming adequate amounts of proper nutrients to maintain good health.

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There’s a lesson to be learned from the attack on Charlie Hebdo about the importance of standing up to evil in all its forms.

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Comet Lovejoy will be visible with only binoculars – or possibly even the naked eye in the right conditions – for the next two weeks.