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Cannabis was valued for its medicinal properties for 5,000 years before the DEA came along. We are finally starting to understand how valuable marijuana is.

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In even more rare cases of what is also known as walking corpse syndrome, people with the condition consider themselves immortal.

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Memorial day is a holiday for both fun with family and friends as well as remembrance of those who gave their lives in service of America's freedom.

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Toxins are often found in common cosmetics

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UC Santa Barbara physicist Philip Lubin says advances in photonics could allow us to reach other intelligent life across the universe.

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“It was as if God was speaking to me directly, saying, ‘It’s not how you see yourself but how I see you that will heal you.’”

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Saltwater Brewery introduces eco-friendly six pack rings made from barley and wheat ribbons, which are by-products of the brewing process. .

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Enjoying a small handful of walnuts each day is a delicious way to potentially slow the aging process while adding extra years to life.

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A new study shows that excessive alcohol consumption by a father can impact development of future children.

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64-year-old Thomas Manning discovered he had an aggressive form of penile cancer leading to partial amputation.

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