Concentrated buildings at the West end of the harbor show no room for green

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It is well documented that federal programs mandating the treatment of sewage and industrial waste prior to disposal into our rivers and the Bay has been successful.

This Changes Everything - Capitalism vs Climate by Naomi Klein

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A deeply insightful and unflinching look at the global threats posed by climate change, environmental devastation, and economic injustice.

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Drug use, both legal and illegal, are causing drastic and negative effects on our global environmental health

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AUSTIN, January 5, 2015 – Solar maximum activity peaked in April 2014 at an exceptionally low 81.9 spots/day. Waning solar activity in 2015 will...

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Austin, January 1, 2015 — There will not be a meaningful United Nations climate agreement signed in Paris in 2015, even if a treaty...

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With winter weather forcing its way back into the forecast, it is important to know how to drive on slippery roads.

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A delicious cranberry-orange sauce for Thanksgiving.

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Charlie Manson’s fascistic, environmental feminism has gone mainstream.

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The so-called U.S.-China climate agreement isn't an agreement at all. It's actually a joint announcement of non-binding intentions China will never live up to.

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AUSTIN, November 14, 2014 — In purely political moves by both Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. Congress is taking up separate bills in the...