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The Environmental Protection Agecy award nearly $2.7 million in contract enhancements to Environmental Restoration LLC, the contractor responsible for ruining the Animas River

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The revolution in the production of oil and natural gas from shale has altered the course of global energy, affecting most of the world’s people.

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In the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of autumn falls on September 23 this year.

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It is time to impeach EPA Chief Gina McCarthy; the list of wrongs is egregious and has caused harm to the very environment they are charged with protecting.

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Business has been captured by Climatism, the belief that humans are causing dangerous global warming.

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The EPA is sorry, so sorry. Not sorry enough to chop heads or grovel — they're not BP, after all — but it truly regrets the inconvenience of that nasty spill.

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PHOENIX, Aug 20, 2015 – On Aug. 7 a press release on sunspot activity provided during the annual meeting of the International Astronomical Union...

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Data after 1997 showed a pause in global warming; a paper in the prestigious journal "Science" eliminates the pause by adjusting temperatures upward.

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Is climate change altering west coast wind farm power production or are west coast wind farms altering climate change?

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Carbon dioxide emissions from American electrical power plants are falling faster due to market forces than the EPA's Clean Power Plan requires them to fall.

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