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Earth.Nullschool.Net: Super typhoon Neoguri crosses paths with El Niño 2014

El Niño 2014: Climate alarmists disappointed

Austin, Tx., July 11, 2014 — Climate alarmists hoping for a super-El Niño this fall and winter to jolt global warming back into high gear again are likely going to be sadly disappointed. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released its July monthly El Niño report on July 10. The consensus probability for El Niño conditions in

The 1,534Mw Sandow Station coal-fired electric power plant in Rockdale, Texas: Credit/Steve Davidson

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan: The state regulation

AUSTIN, July 7, 2014 — The Clean Power Plan is the most pervasive set of interlocking regulations the EPA has ever put together. If adopted, they will cut atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel electric power plants by more than 30 percent. The state regulation is the best known of the three newly proposed rules.

BBSO/NJIT: Big Bear Solar Observatory produces the most detailed sunspot images ever seen

Sunspots 2014: Record setting month; more coming!

AUSTIN, July 3, 2014 – Solar sunspot Cycle 24 continues to defy the odds, with perhaps the highest secondary-peak above its first peak in the entire 400-year history of sunspot cycles. For the fourth month in a row, the monthly sunspot number dropped. Yet for the fifth month in a row, a new solar maximum record

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA’s Clean Power Plan: What is it?

AUSTIN, July 2, 2014 — EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy proposed new regulations governing carbon dioxide emissions at all existing fossil fuel electric power plants last month. They are the most far-reaching EPA regulations ever conceived. The regulations are called the Clean Power Plan. The sound-bite description of it is: ‘Reduce fossil fuel electric power plant CO2 emissions