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Documentary film “Hostage to the Devil” currently streaming on Netflix. Documentary explores the extraordinary exploits of demon fighter Malachi Martin.

A New Orleans personal injury attorney is getting a lot of attention for his outrageous TV commercial featuring local bounce music star Big Freedia. Photo: Screenshot

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SAN DIEGO, January 5, 2017 – The often repeated “advertising rule of seven” claims people need to see an advertisement seven times before it...

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We've put together a list of the some the shows we think have the highest chances of being hits in the early part of this year.

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NEW YORK, January 4, 2017 -- Fox News’ leading female anchor is leaving Fox News for NBC and will be signing off on Friday....

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Fox News loses one of its most highly rated anchors as Megyn Kelly defects to NBC.

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One of Hollywood’s signature achievements has been to turn bottom-feeding tort lawyers into heroes and patriotism into hate. "Goliath" rests on both tropes.

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With traditional lyrics perfected and immortalized by Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, “Auld Lang Syne,” as we have it today, fondly and yet sadly recalls the old times, old friends and old memories that are passing into legend.

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The Fire Stick device gives a TV more functionality. You can use services that you are paying the cable company for without having to rent a digital HD box from them.

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Netflix has released a new, time-traveling sci-fi drama appropriately entitled "Travelers," its latest video import from Canada.

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"Rare Exports" and "Krampus" are two offbeat and genuinely creepy films offering alternative versions of Christmas based on a pair of spooky European Christmas traditions.

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The Georgia Tech swim team had their weekend canceled due to winter's white stuff, and this is the result (video)