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Focusing exclusively on troubled junkie Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), Sunday’s “Fear the Walking Dead” mid-season premiere didn’t do AMC’s zombie franchise any favors.

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As each swimmer performs at the highest level of athletic achievement, which is one of the ideals the Olympics are supposed to represent, we are also being treated in a hidden way to a national pride that has diminished in recent years.

Andre Ward (left) and Alexander Brand at Friday's weigh-in. Photo: HBO Boxing

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Andre Ward and Alexander Brand fight in the main event in Oakland. They will be hard pressed to compete with the fight night of the Olympic Games.

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Watch the August 3, 2016 Donald J. Trump Florida Town Hall events via live stream here

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Watch the August 2, 2016 Governor Mike Pence Town Hall events via live stream here

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We haven't been huge fans of the media's Donald Trump. If the country meets that Donald Trump, he could be headed to the White House.

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Based on a successful summer pilot, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished “inside Hollywood” novel to become miniseries on Amazon Prime’s streaming video service. Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer star.

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Chills are many when H.P. Lovecraft mets Dungeons and Dragons in Netflix's Stranger Things offers a terrifying romp through the woods.

Terence Crawford (left) and Viktor Postol put their title belts on the line Saturday. Photo: Mikey Williams, Top Rank Boxing

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Crawford vs. Postol: a true 50-50 fight between two undefeated champions. Let's explore what it will take for one to stay undefeated.

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Things don't just seem worse because the news comes faster and unfiltered. They seem worse because our friends repeat over and over again that they are.

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