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Clint Eastwood’s “Sully” is never coy about what it wants to accomplish. But this well wrought tale of an American hero stumbles when the NTSB enters the room.

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Snarled traffic, weird security, and loads of late seatings disrupt but fail to derail Washington National Opera’s charming performance of classic Mozart opera, "The Marriage of Figaro."

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Incoming family fun, September 24, 2016: Free live HD simulcast of Washington National Opera’s new production of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” at Washington Nationals Park.


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Returning to the U.S. for the first time in 10 years, Invaders of the Heart will be at the Underground Arts in Philadelphia Thursday the 22nd, and Friday the 23rd, at the Rock and Roll Hotel, in Washington DC.

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Whether we're listening to it on the radio, on headphones during a workout, or simply absorbing as it plays in the background of our favorite television shows or movies, music plays an integral role in our lives.

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A look a Matisyahu's set at the Palladium in Hollywood.

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If you have ever been to the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, or ever have the opportunity to go, you will never forget the haunting sound of “Taps” as it emanates from the carillon in the center of the memorial.

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The Interrupters set back in August as seen through the lens of photojournalist Kevin J. Wells.

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A look at Masked Intruder at Warped Tour in Pomona, California.

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Legendary Artist and Producer Martin “Youth” Glover throws doors open at his Space Mountain Studio complex facilitate the Puretone Resonate Launch Party and Festival

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