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In the film he documents the teens on real calls, how they were active saving lives and doing the job of Emergency Medical Technicians- including the stress of death

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Writer-director Bowman, and his co-writer Bryan Abrams craft an urban story about faith and struggle from a different perspective that is often overlooked by writers and directors of any color.

The Accountant

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WASHINGTON, October 14, 2016 — Ben Affleck transforms an everyday accounting job into a high-stakes action packed cat-and-mouse game in his newly released Warner...

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It’s a good bet that if you're a James Bond fan, Stans, Switzerland will not come to mind as a destination where the famous British secret agent operates.

Snowden film

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Oliver Stone's latest film clearly has an agenda as Stone’s strong use of facts and real Snowden moments succeeds in selling Americans the opinion that he is “an American.”

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What 20th Century Fox thought this film was going to be wasn’t actually the film director Luke Scott created.

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The biggest problem in “War Dogs” is director Todd Phillips’ insistence on making characters David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli the focus of a troubling tale.

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In trying to portray the many facets of Panamanian boxing legend and cultural hero Roberto Durán, director Jonathan Jakubowicz gets lost in the details.


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High powered actors - Jeff Bridge, Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham - make "Hell or High Water" the must-see indie film you may have missed. See it.

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The courtroom saga Neil Shelton has endured over the last few years may be coming soon to a theater near you.

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