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Documentary film “Hostage to the Devil” currently streaming on Netflix. Documentary explores the extraordinary exploits of demon fighter Malachi Martin.

Patriots Day

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Director Peter Berg's latest true-story film 'Patriots Day' tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombings, and how the city and the country came together.

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Set in Georgetown and directed by William Friedkin, “The Exorcist,” based on Bill Blatty’s novel and screenplay, remains one of the most iconic horror films of all time.

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We've put together a list of movies that will definitely be a great time at the theaters; either because they turn out to be wonderful films, or because they're so bad that you can't help but enjoy them.

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Jeff Nichols’ deeply introspective film "Loving" moves beyond a landmark 1960s Civil Rights case and gets up close and personal with the human beings at its heart.

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Jabba the Hut? Steve Martin was right to describe the late Carrie Fisher as “the most beautiful creature” that he and the film-going public had seen. And it is his and their right to feel, think and say so.

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In the romantic, philosophical sci-fi thriller "Passengers," a couple awakened early from hibernation on an intergalactic journey, confront cosmic life choices.

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"Rare Exports" and "Krampus" are two offbeat and genuinely creepy films offering alternative versions of Christmas based on a pair of spooky European Christmas traditions.

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CDN navigates you through the pantheon of holiday movies, avoiding the land mines and finishing with a Top Ten bag of picks full of favorite flicks. And a few dogs.

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Disney/Lucasfilms has just released 'Rogue One' starring Felicity Jones, who delivers a strong performance as heroine Jyn Erso.

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