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Real-life exorcisms are all over the news; until 'The Exorcist' came along, exorcism was a dying art. Why is America suddenly awash with demons?

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WASHINGTON, May 20, 2016 – Back in February, Beyoncé dropped the song “Formation” on an unsuspecting public. She then followed it up with a...

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Art seemed to be of particular interest to the veteran journalist and he approached it with indescribable wit.

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Matalin’s long history of supporting conservatism means she’s not some fair-weather prognosticator. She’s as serious as a train wreck.

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The Washington elite, political-party establishments and big-media can't pigeonhole and don't understand Trump; that's because they don't understand America.

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WASHINGTON, May 3, 2016 — When, on June 6, 2015, Donald J. Trump announced his intention to run for the Republican Party’s nomination for...

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 25, 2016 – Uber is catching heat again. This time it’s not from cab companies or disgruntled drivers. Rather, it concerns...

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WASHINGTON, April 20, 2016 — One occurred in 541 AD during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian and is estimated to have killed 25...

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To be a reporter means to report; it does not mean that reporters should insert themselves into the story—or stories—as Fields has done. The NY Daily News calls her a serial accuser.

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