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Democrats have complained about election results over and over making what Trump said look incredibly benign when put in context.

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The slogan for the 1868 Democratic Convention was, “This is a White man’s country – let a White man rule.” And really, not much has changed for that party.

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Knucklehead, a film about a young man struggling with mental illness found its home on the film festival circuit, now makes its way into nationwide distribution.

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Who's done a better job of manipulating America's election this year: Russia's FSB or America's HRC? With help from media friends, HRC is better, hands down.

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By putting Presidential debate opponents in isolation booths like those in 1950s game shows such as "Twenty-One," moderators wouldn't be able to interrupt or favor either contestant.

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News magazines are largely kaput. Daily newspapers are viewed as a relic of the past and almost entirely ignored by millennials who prefer to get their information and entertainment—mostly entertainment—via smartphone apps.

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Clinton's dream is open borders and Wall Street cash; Trump's dream is a warm, firm and compliant piece of—well, you know. This election is America's nightmare.

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Clinton campaign’s NYT media attack team smears Trump using likely illegally obtained copies of Trump tax records. Yet the NYT paid NO Federal taxes in 2014.

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The only thing Times’ readers can be expected to take away from the its exposé on Donald Trump's taxes is that obedience to the law does not remove the target from the backs of taxpayers where harassing federal tax collectors are concerned.

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The Democrats' Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has never appeared on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show. Why not?

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