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Media News and Reviews

Ted Nugent performing in concert in Indianapolis in 2013. (Via Wikipedia)

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WASHINGTON, May 22, 2015 – I surf the web daily looking for interesting comments and tidbits to share with our readers here at CDN,...

Curtis Culwell Center.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 18, 2015 – The debate continues over the publishing of Muhammad cartoons in this country and our constitutionally protected right to free...


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WASHINGTON, May 10, 2015 – Since what seems like Week 2 of the 2014-2015 network TV season, the Net-heads have been nervously but steadily...

Image courtesy of Pamela Geller and Right Web -

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Perhaps those who wish to speak some sense would do well to counter with a few sound bites of their own so that courageous people such as Pamela Geller do not feel like they have to stand alone.

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What happens if we start demanding the truth from media? Will they supply it to us?


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WASHINGTON, April 24, 2015 – Like Monty Python's famous parrot, the highly controversial marriage between cable and media giants Comcast and Time Warner is no...

Aereo corporate logo.

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WASHINGTON, April 22, 2015 – The long nightmare of the company formerly known as Aereo seems to be coming to its inevitable end. Not...

Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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WASHINGTON, April 18, 2015 − In the good old days of politics (around 4 years ago), announcements by political hopefuls that they were running for...

Hillary and emails sink.

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Tons of Facebook followers also discovered to be bogus, even as Hillary’s Magic Bus headed for Iowa “listening tour.” Déjà vu all over again?

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Presidential hopefuls turn to the 140 characters of Twitter to announce their plans to seek the White House. When did it stop being more important your breakfast?

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