Holidays and Celebrations

Holidays and Celebrations

Seasonal American holiday news, tips and stories.

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Coloring books and Play-Doh simply won't do as Christmas gifts for those hard-to-please Conservatives on your holiday list. Happily, we can offer some alternatives.

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Dr. Danny de Gracia shares five tips to make it through stressful holidays without cracking under pressure.

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Thanksgiving traditionally launches the Christmas season in America. But there is still much to learn about our favorite culinary holiday.

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The shopping malls are dangerous. One option is to stay at home with a good book.

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Crafted gifts are great alternatives to store bought Christmas gifts for those gifting on a budget.

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For Thanksgiving, create a healthy cranberry compote with loads of antioxidants, helping to lower the risk for cardio-vascular disease, to reduce blood pressure, and prevent urinary tract infections.

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What could be more ambiguous than a person behaving nonverbally – dressed in a clown costume – wearing a fixed, painted smile under a pair of cold, dead eyes… wielding a knife?

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Oktoberfest: Bavaria's festival is a global tradition, but did you know it starts in September? That it began as a royal marriage celebration? Learn that and more!

Super Bowl Spareribs with Guajillo BBQ Sauce

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For many, summer holiday ribs are the right of passage from the heat of summer to the cooler days of fall. Here are our tips for perfect baby back or spare ribs.

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BBQ sauce is much more than something you buy from the condiments aisle at the grocery store.

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Game of Thrones and travel fans will want to take advantage of this journey to Kings Landing for a once in a life time experience that will combine the greatest fantasy, GOT, and present day reality.