Holidays and Celebrations

Holidays and Celebrations

Seasonal American holiday news, tips and stories.

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What could be more ambiguous than a person behaving nonverbally – dressed in a clown costume – wearing a fixed, painted smile under a pair of cold, dead eyes… wielding a knife?

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Oktoberfest: Bavaria's festival is a global tradition, but did you know it starts in September? That it began as a royal marriage celebration? Learn that and more!

Super Bowl Spareribs with Guajillo BBQ Sauce

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For many, summer holiday ribs are the right of passage from the heat of summer to the cooler days of fall. Here are our tips for perfect baby back or spare ribs.

BBQ Sauce Image Used Under Creative Commons License from Wikipedia

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BBQ sauce is much more than something you buy from the condiments aisle at the grocery store.

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America's Founding Fathers "chose liberty over safety. When they signed that troublesome manifesto, they weren’t just declaring their independence - they were signing their own death warrant." ~ Mike Rowe

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Parades are about fun and celebration. Black Lives Matter made Toronto Pride's parade about them.

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Here it is the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our nation’s independence, achieved nearly 250 years ago. How come I don’t feel like celebrating?

Visitor at the Pennsylvania Memorial monument , Gettysburg - Image: Courtesy

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Visiting historical places and seeing them with your own eyes brings history to life and makes it real.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, June 1, 2016 – With the commemoration of Memorial Day summer has officially begun. But the just-concluded May holiday carries much...

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FORT WORTH, Texas, May 30, 2016 — Flower shops, formal wear boutiques and specialty stores are busy for the months of May and June....

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