Fun and Games

Fun and Games

The lighter side of life including special events, family fun and, of course, trivial pursuits.

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This week: A grab bag of interesting tidbits ranging from FDR, Eddie Cantor and U.S. coins to strange geographical facts and the lowdown on the secret origins of Indian Summer.

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The inventors of bubble wrap were trying to make plastic wallpaper. There are 39 more!

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New Year's is a time of celebration and hope for the future so here is some trivia to start the year.

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Today we will learn about Christmas bowling, stocking stuffers and other odd yuletide traditions.

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Myth Trivia brings us some Christmas themed facts and trivia safer than politics for Christmas dinner conversation.

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Today is Pearl Harbor Day, “A date that will live in infamy." Remember those who sacrificed their lives with these historical facts you might not know.

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Ferdinand Magellan was credited with becoming the first man to sail around the world. Would that be first man, dead or alive?

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Thanksgiving traditionally launches the Christmas season in America. But there is still much to learn about our favorite culinary holiday.

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John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon raced toward the White House in 1960 and they changed how candidates race for Presidency

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., November 1, 2016 – As the final week of the presidential campaign supposedly brings the strangest election in American history to a...

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