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The Trump Effect has shocked the easily offended and the professional whiners, and Kellogg's has joined them in pulling its ads from Breitbart.com.

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The magazine’s cover shows Trump sitting on a modest thrown, his back to the viewer, his head caught in mid-swivel ...

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Put simply, Trump out demagogued the demagogues

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Lawrence Brownlee and Lisette Oropesa shine in Donizetti’s popular comic opera. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes an extended cameo as an ornery Duchess.

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Eclectic, innovative new multimedia music series created by Kennedy Center composer-in-residence Mason Bates, launched new season in October, with more to come.

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Confirming his relationship with mixed-race TV star Meghan Markle, Prince Harry defends her her family from vicious media “abuse and harassment.”


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Leonard Cohen, the reluctant pop star, has died at 82.

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Jamie Dornan appeared Thursday's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to debunk rumors he was to be replaced in the role of Christian Grey by Ian Somerhalder.

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As a story about a mentally disabled man, Knucklehead is ripe to be used as a point of advocacy for the mentally disabled in the Black community.

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Writer-director Bowman, and his co-writer Bryan Abrams craft an urban story about faith and struggle from a different perspective that is often overlooked by writers and directors of any color.

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