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A poem about bugs - but not things that bug you

Image of Pope Francis (courtesy

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John Boehner has been inviting the Pope(s) to visit Congress for nearly two decades. Pope Francis is the first to say yes.

Donald Trump caricature.

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WASHINGTON, July 20, 2015 – Donald Trump, aka “The Donald,” sure knows how to grab a headline. The controversial Republican presidential candidate recently fired...

Remote Continuous Miner.

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Coal Miners Pay for Fundamental Change Mines are closing almost every month. Sawmills that provide wooden support beams for the tunnels are laying off workers,...

Chinese retail convention.

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WASHINGTON, July 16, 2015 — On Killer Painkillers: A Lament "The Food and Drug Administration warned last week that the risk of heart attack and stroke from...

The London Eye.

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Riding a Ferris Wheel Who doesn't like a Ferris wheel, a toy beyond compare, that starts you at the bottom, then lifts you to heaven's air? Circling...

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American Kiss asks the important questions, including what is the future of America and can we save it...

Chris Christie.

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Chris Christie Wants to Be Our President Chris Christie is a paragon of virtue and of candor: Away from truth he never has attempted to meander. He...

Ad Card for cure-all.

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In Praise of Soothing Stuff I put lotion on my fingers and smear ointment on my feet; I slather serums on my face, that wrinkles may...

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"The Dangerous Christmas Ornament" chronicles the story of Mike Owen and his discovery of the benefits, and costs, of making wishes.

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You don't have to be a cycling fan or even a sports fan at all to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, vineyards and fields, and coastline along the route of the Tour de France.