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Books and Literature

Chris Christie.

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Chris Christie Wants to Be Our President Chris Christie is a paragon of virtue and of candor: Away from truth he never has attempted to meander. He...

Ad Card for cure-all.

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In Praise of Soothing Stuff I put lotion on my fingers and smear ointment on my feet; I slather serums on my face, that wrinkles may...

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"The Dangerous Christmas Ornament" chronicles the story of Mike Owen and his discovery of the benefits, and costs, of making wishes.

Jesus on a tortilla.

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On Mass-Produced Tortillas: A poetic lament The mass-produced tortilla is a tire patch, not food. Upon its thin and vapid taste an epicure may brood. To build a better taco...

Belgian 2.5 euro coin.

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New Belgian Coin Really Irritates France − A poem Inspired by a story in the New York Times: "After it objected to a decision in March...

Bruce Jenner after surgery.

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The Tale of Caitlyn Jenner A man becomes a woman – doesn't happen every day. And when the PR clicks, that transformation sure does pay! I'm glad...


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‘Charity Begins at Home’: A PSA in verse A million charities now dot the land, requesting aid. Who's to know which ones are real and which...

Rick Santorum.

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‘Run, Rick Santorum, Run!’ Republicans are hatching presidential candidates in a rapid sequence, at the most alarming rates. Rick Santorum now has joined the throng of eager...

Muslim fashion show.

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French Dolls Who Wear Shawls In France they have a law that bans the wearing of a shawl by women who are devotees of Allah's strident...

Dust jacket, Max Boot's "Invisible Armies."

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Can we defeat a fanatical enemy so intent on destroying us that they are willing to go to any length, including suicide, to do it?

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Move LIve Tour - Derek and Julianne Hough - Image Jacquie Kubin - Artist retains all copyright

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Images from the July 3, 2015 performance of Move with Julianne and Derek Hough taken at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA