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The trade-off initially doesn’t seem so bad. He gets what he wants, even if it does impact those around him. Emphasis on the part about he gets what he wants.

The School of AthensbyRaphael(1509–1510), fresco at theApostolic Palace,Vatican City.

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If we follow 'cultural appropriation' to its conclusion, will only Jews be allowed to interpret the Bible and Greeks, Plato? Must Gauguin's paintings be burned?

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Imaginary verbs are becoming commonplace in American English. Are American schools teaching English grammar at all these days? U.S. English is beginning to lose subtlety and nuance.

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Based on a successful summer pilot, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished “inside Hollywood” novel to become miniseries on Amazon Prime’s streaming video service. Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer star.

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Filmmakers try to make Tarzan the Ape Man more relevant to our times by interpolating some real 19th century history into the story line. But the confused narrative falls flat.

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Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president had solutions that we could use today.

The Titan of Bravos - Game of Thrones (Image courtesy of HB)

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In a land constantly at war, in a society where the law is no more than the competing wills of lords and kings, death is an eager visitor to the weak and strong alike.

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While the media have done far more than their due diligence to publicize the dirt on Trump, but for eight years, they've ignored that ocean around Barack Obama and Frank Marshall Davis.

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“The one athlete who stood by me . . . Muhammad Ali . . . He and I became great friends. I traveled the world with him for years. Muhammad is the finest man I’ve ever known. I love him like a brother and I’ve missed him.”

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Sen. Mike Lee tells the engaging story of our Constitution: how it came to be and how it became subverted.

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.