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Snarled traffic, weird security, and loads of late seatings disrupt but fail to derail Washington National Opera’s charming performance of classic Mozart opera, "The Marriage of Figaro."

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Incoming family fun, September 24, 2016: Free live HD simulcast of Washington National Opera’s new production of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” at Washington Nationals Park.

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Legendary Artist and Producer Martin “Youth” Glover throws doors open at his Space Mountain Studio complex facilitate the Puretone Resonate Launch Party and Festival

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The roots of today's marching bands go back to the time of traveling musicians who traditionally performed at festivals and celebrations in the ancient world.

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Richard Strauss' infrequently heard “Conversation Piece for Music” is less an opera and more a furtively amusing debate on the merits of literature vs. music that's then set to music.

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Santa Fe Opera’s unusual setting for Gounod’s operatic take on Shakespeare’s romantic classic, "Romeo and Juliet," brings the Bard's star-crossed lovers across the sea in a surprisingly effective U.S. Civil War setting as the Capulets and Montagues morph into the North and South.

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Great singing, lush orchestral accompaniment put a spit-shine on Puccini’s original Spaghetti Western Opera. But what’s with this SFO production’s cramped sets? Patricia Racette stars in this interesting production.

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With a libretto by Gian-Carlo Menotti, Samuel Barber’s infrequently performed but highly regarded opera, "Vanessa," gets a well-deserved, near-perfect production in Santa Fe.

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Strangely dark and abstract Santa Fe Opera production of Mozart’s tragicomic masterpiece serves to highlight excellent singing, characterizations. Bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch stars in the title role.

Santa Fe Opera.

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Lively 2016 Santa Fe Opera season underway, featuring vintage Mozart, neglected Puccini, lushly Romantic Gounod and other operatic masterpieces.

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