Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

End of year holiday cheer.

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JP Morgan hiring? In other news, Indianapolis Star reports that Gov. Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s Vice-presidential running mate.

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Fudge, eggnog, cookies, roast beast, relaxation—the holidays are designed to pack on pounds. You can have fun and stay healthy, if you follow sensible rules.

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Christmas Eve eve seems like a perfect time to learn more about Christmas dates.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., December 23, 2015 — In the early 20th century, when wars were more "civilized" than they are today, a series of remarkable, spontaneous...

Perfectly roasted prime rib by Chef Mary

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Easy, perfectly roasted Prime Rib with Brussels Sprouts and Risotto- - Recipes and tips to make your holiday dinner memorable and delicious.


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Kathryn Riley-Cuglietta and her husband Jerry Cuglietta have created a miniature Christmas village that delights family and friends.

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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 22, 2015 — As I grew up in San Diego, Christmas was always a wonderful experience. The concept of a white Christmas...

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A hot chocolate recipe so rich and delicious that you might as well shoot cocoa-butter and butterfat directly into your arteries. But you'll go with a smile.

Leg Lamp (screen capture) from A Christmas Story

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Then there was the leg lamp leading to leg lamp night lights, leg lamp key chains, leg lamp costumes and leg lamp t-shirts.

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Regardless of who is on your gift list, chances are they have a kitchen and will appreciate some new items from the home goods aisle.

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