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Jobs vs. degrees.

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WASHINGTON, April 21, 2014 – You never know when you’ll run into some genuine food for thought in this utterly thoughtless age of ours. Case...

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An interview with a senior police officer reveals the shortfalls of police training.

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Communities can help police officers do their job, within acceptable bounds, by insisting they receive proper training.

NYPD police cruiser.

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We do not want to put our law enforcement officers at risk and we do not want our law enforcement officers to use excessive force unnecessarily.

Resistance devices.

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WASHINGTON, March 31, 2015 − Here's a short, simple quiz. Do you: Regret not finishing or following through with something you are working on? Want to...

NYPD officers from the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) in June 2009. (

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Jason Harrison was recently killed in Dallas; UVA Student Martese Johnson was beaten by Alcohol and Beverage Control cops. Are police being trained to brutalize and how can that change?

Arthur attacks Mordred.

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WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 – There’s nothing inviting about getting involved in a conflict. That is, unless you have an inherently combative nature or...


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Most young artists reach an earning peak and then crash into bankruptcy. Not 50 Cent

Dr. Elizabeth Kiss

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College is a worthy investment that will pay dividends throughout a graduate’s career, the president of Agnes Scott College told an Atlanta civic organization on Thursday.

Open office plans means it is all the more important to be able to work well with others | Wikipedia

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How a new employee moves into his new role will likely determine whether or not he stays.

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