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It’s Coin-Toss Friday Follies day for stock market traders

It’s Coin-Toss Friday Follies day for stock market traders

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 – Thursday’s trading was moderately unpleasant. Today’s trading may be moderately okay, although there’s always a tendency for markets to sell off late Friday whenever a long, tradeless weekend looms. Both Vlad the Impaler and the Islamofascist goons of the all-new, 8th century-style “Caliphate” loom large in any bear scenario, and

Warren Buffett and Barack Obama.

‘Tax the rich’ Buffett funding Burger King inversion deal

WASHINGTON, August 26, 2014 – There are days when the Market Maven wishes he was a much better satirist than he is. Today is one of those days. After yesterday’s news about Burger King’s (BKW’s) blockbuster deal to merge with Canada’s doughnut king Tim Hortons (THI), we learned the rest of the story this morning.

Tim Hortons and Burger King

Burger King [BKW] to munch on donut king Tim Hortons [THI]?

WASHINGTON, August 25, 2014 –  We expect reports to be light during this pre-Labor Day trading week. Those whose kids are still not back in school are getting in their last holiday fling and trading will be light unless ISIS destroys Chicago, which they’re threatening to do. Nevertheless, M&A is, like June, still popping up

A protester greets Fed Chair Janet Yellen between innings at Jackson Hole. (Screen shot from Bloomberg video)

Protesters brighten otherwise blah finale to Jackson Hole confab

JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming, August 23, 2014 – The Maven didn’t bother to file a report Friday, given that both Fed Chair Janet Yellen and ECB guru Mario Draghi were holding forth at various times during the morning and afternoon, heckled outside their Jackson Hole meeting venue by a few prescient citizens who seem to understand

Apple CEO Tim Cook and red-delicious flavored Apple logo.

Apple [AAPL] stock on pre-iPhone tear, Yellen on deck

WASHINGTON, August 21, 2014 – Tricky but positive action rules trading this morning, with the Dow back above the somehow-magical 17,000 mark and the S&P 500 flirting with and occasionally exceeding another record. If this is a “bubble,” as the trading punditocracy has been calling it, somebody’s sure making the big bucks on the latest

Today: "Waiting for the Fed."

Flat stocks await Fed minutes; VRP ETF a rational response?

WASHINGTON, August 20, 2014 – It’s back to one of our favorite 2013 market motifs today: “Waiting for Godot,” with apologies to the ghost of Sam Beckett. Just when you think you’ve got a 30 ft. bull wave to coast, it’s always something. In this case, the market seems to be awaiting release of the

Orca in the wild

Blackfish causes stocks to drown Sea World plans bigger Orca prisons

WASHINGTON, August 15, 2014 — SeaWorld’s stock is sinking. At its lowest point, the stock was down by 33 percent and investors want to know why. It could be because of the delay in opening new attractions or because some school systems opened early this year, cutting down on opportunities for more summer family vacations. But

Russian soldiers in nonspecific uniforms .

NATO spots Russian incursion, Ukraine attacks, stocks down

WASHINGTON, August 15, 2014 – According to a Reuters report, “NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Friday a ‘Russian incursion’ into Ukraine had occurred overnight, but stopped short of characterizing it as an invasion. Wall Street, which had started out in a positive mood Friday morning, quickly tanked—no pun intended—down roughly one percent