Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and Bonds

Stock market action, bonds, real estate, commodities.

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Exploration Oil & Gas (XOG) IPO gets a half decent pop as it opens for trading. Rest of the market goes for the flatline, utterly confused about what’s next.

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$18 billion wiped off Samsung shares in martphone debacle. No plans to resume production of high-end phone. Apple (AAPL) soars, will benefit greatly with increased iPhone 7 sales.

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Pathetic DOL September job numbers are worse than they look as full-time employment continues to be elusive. Like Obamacare, Obamanomics is working.

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Columbus Day trading schedule is simple for U.S. traders and stocks but more complicated for our Canadian friends who are celebrating their Thanksgiving Day Holiday Monday, October 10, 2016.

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Tuesday’s stock action was poor. Naturally, Wednesday trading is good. as confusing market largely ignores traditional indicators. Oil up, jobs down says ADP.

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Sectors like consumer discretionary, retail, transportation & travel and restaurants often benefit when consumers don’t have to shell out for higher gas prices.

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DOJ penalty vs. Deutsche Bank for alleged pre-2008 mortgage lending transgressions rumored much lower than estimates. Oil trading flat, Nutanix IPO a rousing success.

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Surging oil price hammers utilities, as TIPS finally catch a bid as investors apparently choose to rotate out of stocks that serve as bond proxies.

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Saudis, OPEC supposedly agree to November oil production cut. Iran, as always, will be the wild card. Janet Yellen tries—feebly—to counter criticism from Donald Trump.

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Pundits say Clinton won. Online polls give win to Trump. With oil down, tech and telecom stocks up, market averages resume their September yo-yo pattern with traders as divided in their opinions as America's electorate.

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