Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and Bonds

Stock market action, bonds, real estate, commodities.

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Anointing two subpar blondes and one subsidized eco-savior as America’s New Business Gods, the nation’s financial media goes for a hat trick of epic fails.

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The Democrats’ political spinners and paid media operatives with bylines put a happy face on Monday’s convention debacle in Philly. Wasserman-Schultz out as DNC head. Pro-Dem markets getting nervous.

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Will the media portray the Democrats’ dysfunctional Coronation Week for Hillary the same way they framed Trump’s Triumph in Cleveland? Monday stock averages take a dive.

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Next week’s stock market overhang will come from the Hillary-crats as they visit Philadelphia. For now, stocks seem to be digesting the latest bull move seasoned with a touch of Trump-mania. (Maybe.)

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With the Cleveland GOP convention convulsing in background, major U.S. stock market averages flirt with new intraday highs Wednesday morning.

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Dow up, S&P 500 slightly negative to flat as rally takes a break. NBC, its flacks and the GOP establishment launch 24/7 anti-Trump cycle by trashing… Melania Trump!

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An “invisible hand” moves markets overnight while stocks barely seem to budge during normal trading hours. Central bank shenanigans? Meanwhile, watching GOP convention action for market-moving news.

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It’s options expiration Friday, and all market bets are off. Terrorist attack in Nice gives trading a slightly negative tone, but crude oil is trying to recover.

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JP Morgan hiring? In other news, Indianapolis Star reports that Gov. Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s Vice-presidential running mate.

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Oil reverses Tuesday gains as July stock rally tries to take a break. RNC Convention starts next week and could cause chaos in stocks and bonds. #NeverTrump vs BLM?

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