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Rodin's "The Thinker" as re-imagined in 2014. Cartoon by Branco.

Amnesty decree, Ferguson, Hagel sack all weigh on stocks

Amnesty decree, Ferguson, Hagel sack all weigh on stocks

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2014 – Pretty much everyone including the Maven expects thin, rudderless trading in stocks this weekend, compounded by the low-level overhang of headline risk with some nasty potential. The executive amnesty flap initiated by Emperor Barack I is still stewing about in the lame-duck Congress, the incoming Congress and in the majority

Obama working on Amnesty speech.

Obamacare, amnesty, Ferguson flaps worry Friday markets

WASHINGTON, November 21, 2014 – Emperor Barack I laid down his Open Borders Edict last night in a speech that seems to have been televised only on abjectly subservient New York City TV channels and a few other local channels elsewhere. All 4 networks had declined to broadcast His Imperial Highness live. Not that the

Firefox Logo.

Yahoo! Troubled web portal [YHOO] inks pact with Firefox

WASHINGTON, November 20, 2014 – Sources Thursday morning confirm that Yahoo! (YHOO) has cut a new deal with Firefox parent Mozilla to replace Google (GOOG) as its default search engine on Firefox in the U.S. Under continuing pressure from investors and vulture capitalists looking for a fat dividend from YHOO following it mega profits from

Electric grid image. (Via

Electric grid, immigration worries stall stocks

WASHINGTON, November 20, 2014 –  There is some ominous stuff going on in the business background today. Maybe that’s why stocks are holding back again this morning, in spite of boffo news from the Philly Fed. According to Fox News Thursday morning The head of the NSA issued a blunt warning Thursday to lawmakers: China

Janet Yellen to the market's rescue! (Composite derivative art by Ponick)

Stocks wobbly Tuesday as markets await the Oracle of the Fed

WASHINGTON, November 19, 2014 – Markets were boringly down Tuesday morning on low volume as traders await the latest Fed pronouncement this afternoon. As always, they’ll be looking for that magic, soothing Bernanke-Yellen mantra “For a considerable period of time.” As in, how long will interest rates stay ridiculously low? Bulls, corporations that buy back

Aftermath of 1968 DC riots.

Stock market melting up, Grubergate, Ferguson in background

WASHINGTON, November 18, 2014 – Markets inexplicably continue to melt up today on low volume after melting down Monday. Stocks don’t really have a reason to go up any more. But they don’t really have a reason to go down either. Mostly, we suspect, markets are waiting to see if the per barrel price of

Cartoon by Branco.

House passes Keystone bill. Obama to House: “Drop Dead”

WASHINGTON, November 14, 2014 – It’s a sad picture indeed when an American president traveling abroad uses his bully pulpit to promote Communist Chinese companies while trashing American companies, the newly-elected Republican Congressional majority, and our close friends in Canada all in one fell swoop. But that’s what America’s Seinfeld President (no learning, ever) just

Thomas Nast cartoon.

Banks penalized, oils mertilized, leaderless stocks meander

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2014 – Thursday’s trading is shaping up to be pretty much like Wednesday’s. Major stock groups are getting hit, damaging major averages. Trading interest is low, encouraging the usual low-volume mischief by HFTs. And there’s no real catalyst for buyers now that earnings season is pretty much over. News continues to come

Insurance commercial.

A blah-blah day on wonderful Wall Street

WASHINGTON, November 12, 2014 – When sitting here in front of our big trading screen, bored to stupefaction, our thoughts couldn’t help but recall that equally stultifying State Farm commercial they’ve been running endlessly on cable TV for at least a year. Maybe more. You know, the one where the stupid white male—white males are

US flag and old Bell logo.

Latest Obama Drama: ‘Net Neutrality’ is back… Big time

WASHINGTON, November 11, 2014 – It’s Veterans Day today: a holiday for the Feds, the banks, for state governments, and at least a few folks in the private sector. But it’s a more or less normal Wall Street trading today, with stocks wandering around in a narrow range on low volume after Monday’s third straight