Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and Bonds

Stock market action, bonds, real estate, commodities.

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Biotechs, pharmaceutical stocks continue to get hit after Trump remarks, but banks and financials, materials, oil patch all party on in Thursday Wall Street action.

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It’s time to dump those big losing stock positions for tax purposes while researching new 2017 year-end bounceback candidates. Like Apple (AAPL).

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Slow trading days are treacherous for individual investors, but also can offer bargains if you’re willing to place conservative bids. Two high-yield CEFs to consider.

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Wall Street’s Trump Jump in pause mode as traders and investors focus on inflation and America’s economic future in 2017 and beyond. Out with the old?

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But traders in black gold—extractors, refiners, and exploration and pipeline companies—soar post-OPEC agreement to cut production.

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OPEC move drives crude oil stratospheric, techs take a hit, banks, insurers speeding away on cruise control.

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Investors can trade on Black Friday, but settlement days and after-hours trading will be a bit different for the launch of the year-end holiday season.

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Dow stocks up modestly Wednesday, while S&P 500, NASDAQ averages trade flat to modestly negative. Next weekend’s possible freakout: Italian constitutional referendum.

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Low-volume days, traditional during Thanksgiving Week, make placing stock market bets this time of year a very dicey proposition. Better to relax, forget the market, and enjoy turkey and football. (Sans ESPN.)

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Trump meets with, trashes media bigwigs (or not), claims New York Times scuttles meeting (or not). Stocks continue to climb. Crude oil soars. Any connections?

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