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Rocket launch. (US government photo)

Fast and furious redux: Alibaba [BABA] opens up 37 percent

Fast and furious redux: Alibaba [BABA] opens up 37 percent

NEW YORK, September 19, 2014 − After a frantic morning of jockeying, Alibaba’s much-anticipated IPO opened as if it were rocket propelled, soaring 35 percent to $92.70 from its IPO price of $68. Demand has been tremendous thus far, although it is difficult to guess where the stock may close today, given the potential overhang of shares

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Want shares of the Alibaba [BABA] IPO? Good luck with that…

WASHINGTON, September 12, 2014 – Warning: Long article ahead. If you’ll forgive the vulgar analogy, trading the market this week has been a little like getting sloppy seconds. No matter what position you undertake, it’s increasingly likely to disappoint. READ ALSO: Scotland and Alibaba [BABA]: Wall Street’s Wild West Friday News past, present and future

Four witches.

Wall Street jargon: What the heck is ‘quadruple witching’?

WASHINGTON, September 19, 2014 – What’s with this “quadruple witching” nonsense we’re hearing about today? Like all professions and businesses, Wall Street investment types have a professional jargon all their own, and it’s often a lot more colorful than what might imagine in this button-down world of hedge funds and investment banks. But the colorful

Wild West shootout.

Scotland and Alibaba [BABA]: Wall Street’s Wild West Friday

WASHINGTON, September 19, 2014 – The staid precincts of Wall Street today might more closely resemble Dodge City or Tombstone back in the days of the old West. That’s because Friday’s trading will have to digest an unusual trifecta of major events, including the momentous “No” vote in Thursday’s Scottish referendum, the opening day of

Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma.

BREAKING: Alibaba shares [BABA] priced at $68 after today’s market close

WASHINGTON, September 18, 2014 − Several sources confirm that Alibaba has officially priced its IPO shares at $68 per share, at the high end of its final, expected range. Likely to be  if not already a major competitor with world-wide e-commerce sites like, Alibaba (new symbol BABA) essentially rules Chinese markets and has already begun

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Fast and Furious: All eyes on Scotland, Alibaba [BABA] IPO

WASHINGTON, September 18, 2014 – It’s fast and furious out there on Wall Street, almost like last year’s action film of the same name. (No reference to the Eric Holder scandal that the press says never happened.) The Fed has already weighed in with its September Scooby-Doo style “Who, me?” report, confirming QE ends after

Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.

BREAKING: Fed QE ends in October, Alibaba [BABA] on deck

WASHINGTON, September 17, 2014 – It’s official. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is ending its QE bond-buying program in October as promised. But the eagerly hoped-for words “a considerable time,” remained in its statement today, assuring investors that interest rates would be going up, but not very soon. The market has been in turmoil over

Bear Grylls in quicksand.

Alibaba [BABA] creates more IPO shares. Facebook redux?

WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 – Alibaba’s [BABA’s] incoming IPO really seems to have a head of steam going into its scheduled Thursday evening (September 18) pricing and Friday morning opening trading which will likely start quite late. But the Maven still doesn’t think you and I are going to get any of these shares, whatever

Wile E. Coyote apparently grabbed onto the NASDAQ on the wrong day today. (Warner Brothers cartoon still, altered by the author to illustrate a point.)

Alibaba, Fed, Scotland, Rule 575 send stocks over the cliff

WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 – It’s another Blue Monday on Wall Street today where last week’s weirdness and uncertainty once again reign supreme. The tech-heavy NASDAQ is down a whopping 50 or so points around noon EDT, which seems weird, as Apple (AAPL), one of the biggest components of the Nazz, is up nicely today

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Apple [AAPL] products, Alibaba [BABA] IPO loom

WASHINGTON, September 8, 2014 – We begin another uncertain week on Wall Street today. Numbers are and aren’t what they appear to be and the international forces of violence are having a field day since the good guys’ once reliable general, the United States, has gone on a perpetual golf holiday under figurehead President Duffer