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Exploration Oil & Gas (XOG) IPO gets a half decent pop as it opens for trading. Rest of the market goes for the flatline, utterly confused about what’s next.

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Pathetic DOL September job numbers are worse than they look as full-time employment continues to be elusive. Like Obamacare, Obamanomics is working.

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Tuesday’s stock action was poor. Naturally, Wednesday trading is good. as confusing market largely ignores traditional indicators. Oil up, jobs down says ADP.

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DOJ penalty vs. Deutsche Bank for alleged pre-2008 mortgage lending transgressions rumored much lower than estimates. Oil trading flat, Nutanix IPO a rousing success.

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Surging oil price hammers utilities, as TIPS finally catch a bid as investors apparently choose to rotate out of stocks that serve as bond proxies.

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Saudis, OPEC supposedly agree to November oil production cut. Iran, as always, will be the wild card. Janet Yellen tries—feebly—to counter criticism from Donald Trump.

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Pundits say Clinton won. Online polls give win to Trump. With oil down, tech and telecom stocks up, market averages resume their September yo-yo pattern with traders as divided in their opinions as America's electorate.

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Another Maalox Monday for traders. Stocks waver, even as oil gets a big boost. Are pundits worried that big-money darling Hillary Clinton might lose to Donald Trump?

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Same old, same old. Oil sinks on collapse of nonexistent Saudi-Russian deal to stabilize oil production, taking stocks back down from Thursday's rally.

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Crude oil price increase also add pep to Thursday markets, although stocks remain off their session highs in tepid afternoon trading. We'll see how long this latest interest rate rally lasts.

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