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Waiting for Godot.

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Trading stocks and bonds will be treacherous this week as markets are buffeted by political news and fake news, plus rumors of violence brewing in Washington.

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Constant turmoil in Washington short-circuits ongoing Trump rally, as sore-loser media opposition puts politics above national interest.

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In pre-presidential press conference, Trump praises appointees, clobbers Obamacare and “enemies of the people” eviscerates CNN and BBC, and roils Wall Street.

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As with all national holidays, MLK Day, added to Inauguration Day, will likely cause unusual trading patterns next week in stocks and bonds.

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The Limited is just the latest retail casualty of many. Markets remain nervous as Obamacare, Trump Inauguration, Regime Change lead to hope and uncertainty.

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Stock market averages are off to surprisingly robust start as 2017 trading action begins. We list the 2017 Dogs of the Dow finalists and get back into action in the New Year.

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U.S. markets likely to launch on January 2, 2017 with increased volatility and considerable downward pressure. What to do and how to do it. Plus: Dow Dogs replay.

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Wednesday’s low-volume downer of a trading day may help assure that confidently predicted record Dow close above the magic 20,000 handle doesn’t happen.

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Here is our preliminary “Dogs of the Dow” list, 2017 edition, an annual time-tested strategy for picking winning stocks (much of the time) from this year’s stock market trash bin.

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Our portfolio cleanup moves continue, as we and all investors enter the slow year-end holiday trading season looking for a very different economic climate.

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