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The states that rank near the top of the list for “most expensive” frequently fluctuate, but certain states like New York and California are always right up there.

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Following Verizon's proposal to acquire Yahoo, AT&T has proposed to merge with Time-Warner. But there are some who warn that this may not be good for consumers.

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Pathetic handful of Soros- and union-paid agitators can’t disrupt signature Trump triumph, transforming decaying DC landmark into first-class downtown hotel.

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With driverless cars, reckless or drunk drivers would no longer jeopardize our lives. Red-light runners would be a thing of the past. and cheap car insurance should be a reality.

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Atlanta voters have a decision to make when they head to the polls Nov. 8.

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Third in a series on the life, times, music and business of millennial entrepreneur Benjamen Janey. Today, Spooler Inc., WeDesyn, music and more.

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Millennial Benjamen Janey's hip-hop entrepreneurism is changing the face of fashion and technology.

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Many coastal Floridians seem to be heeding the warnings of Governor Rick Scott to expect the worst, as they button up their vulnerable homes and pack up their cars before getting out of Dodge prior to Matthew's unwanted visit.

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From their commercials, it appears that the American Petroleum Institute (API) has renewed its effort to convince Americans to be “energy voters.”

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Columbus Day trading schedule is simple for U.S. traders and stocks but more complicated for our Canadian friends who are celebrating their Thanksgiving Day Holiday Monday, October 10, 2016.

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