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WASHINGTON, July 26, 2015 − Caveat emptor! This Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware" is commonly cited in real property transactions, but it can easily...

"The Jury by John Morgan" by painted by John Morgan, uploaded to Wikipedia (en) by Swampyank - The Jury by John Morgan.jpg in Wikipedia (English). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

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Are you happy? How many dates did you have last month? ...fewer people respond “yes” because they are considering their recent dating history.

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Imagine that each M&M represents a person’s private information. Identity thieves possess 100 Empire State Buildings filled with M&M’s.

Hot Summer Sun in NYC - Image Copyright - 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved - Image offered for free download/non commercial use.

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It seems the hotter it gets, the weirder it gets - In Texas a man thought he was a dog, and then ate Fido. A Florida man takes a bead on a postal worker. Crazy!

Taylor Taylor Swift - Screen Shot from publicly shared video for Shake it Off - all rights reserved by Taylor Swift and @Big Machine Records, Inc. - Screen Shot from publicly shared video for Shake it Off

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Recording artists Taylor Swift is going to great lengths to protect her image, her music and her craft. Her latest steps took on Apple, Inc. and she won.

Rake's Progress.

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You would think that the rules for fair debt collection practices are understood and followed, right?

Ben's Guide homepage.

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Be forewarned, much the same as trying to do your own heart surgery or build your own house, self-help with many legal matters can be dangerous; nonetheless, having information makes sense...


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There are requirements that must be satisfied... failure to comply ... can kill parts or all of your case.


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FIFA, international soccer’s governing body, has clearly been the most corrupt, bribe-infested sports organization in the world, for decades.

Memorial Day, Waterloo, NY.

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Many claim that African Americans invented Memorial Day in Charleston, offering that these recently freed slaves, through their flowers, songs and dance announced to the world what the war had been about.

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You don't have to be a cycling fan or even a sports fan at all to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, vineyards and fields, and coastline along the route of the Tour de France.