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Do you believe it is illegal to fly your little toy? Failure to register will subject you to up to $27,500 in civil penalties. Have you seen Game of Drones?

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...millions of people every year avoid treatment because they know their information is not private... patients have greater privacy rights regarding the size of a shirt they may have purchased on-line

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Hoping you make it through Snowmagedden 2016 without damage, once this storm melts, its time to talk to your insurance agent

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To truly understand Puerto Rico’s connection to the United States, and the rights, privileges and obligations of its citizens, there must look at multiple federal laws and U.S. Supreme Court cases.

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As a general rule, the amount of money that is offered… is a pittance compared to what they are entitled to.

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In many instances, if what took place in our nation’s nursing homes occurred outside of the nursing home, the individuals responsible would be charged with felony crimes.

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(she) managed to contort herself and get her handcuffed hands in front of her body. She then wiggled out of the partially opened window in the back of the car.

U. S. Supreme Court building, Washington, D.C.

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Life altering conflict, devastation and mass slaying seems to be the order of the day in many parts of the world... This is still a better place to live than most places. The Supreme Court remains a change agent.

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Texting while driving creates cognitive, or mental distraction, visual distraction, and manual distraction. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Your property is "guilty until proven innocent." Despite nearly unanimous support in many state legislatures, those “at the top of the food chain” seemingly are more interested in appeasing law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

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Are deep snows time for hibernation, or play? Washington, D.C., as much as any other town, transforms in the snow to something very beautiful. And fun.