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Iceland, which was as hard hit as any country by the great crash of 2008, decided to take a completely different approach. Accountability.

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Even using a website can bind you to forced arbitration...Even if you knew about these clauses, there is little you can do but be bound by them.

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Like it or not, the simple truth is that consumers are often taken unfair advantage of by insurer claims is what you should do, whether or not the accident was your fault.

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We have children for a reason. School is not a substitute parent.

Child being restrained by Kentucky Sheriff Deputy - CNN.COM Screen Shot

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WASHINGTON, August 9, 2015 –  Last week, two children with learning disabilities were handcuffed by a Kentucky sheriff who now faces a federal lawsuit....

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Standards in the child-care arena in many states have improved over the years. Horror stories are fewer, thank goodness. Nonetheless, all it takes is one tragedy, yours.

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WASHINGTON, July 26, 2015 − Caveat emptor! This Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware" is commonly cited in real property transactions, but it can easily...

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Are you happy? How many dates did you have last month? ...fewer people respond “yes” because they are considering their recent dating history.

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Imagine that each M&M represents a person’s private information. Identity thieves possess 100 Empire State Buildings filled with M&M’s.

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It seems the hotter it gets, the weirder it gets - In Texas a man thought he was a dog, and then ate Fido. A Florida man takes a bead on a postal worker. Crazy!

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The Chardonnay Run had hundreds of running and wine enthusiasts taking off for a three mile run around the National Harbor, just outside of Washington, DC.