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We never know who is going to catch us in the act. One thing is certain however. The act is most certainly being captured on film.

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Politics and technology have combined to create new ideas in recent decades, resulting in a continuing array of questions about what is or may be legal.

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Missouri's new law punishing kids for playground fights will not work to deter the fighting, and it will have terrible consequences on students and society.

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Haters use the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to justify and perpetuate themselves. President-elect Trump may bring back prosperity, jobs, and “make America great again.” Americans voted for him to change things. Maybe he can.

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Hearing Mariah Carey belt out “All I want for Christmas is yoooooo” a few times may be sensational. But hearing it 1,000 times might prove trying.

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Have fun at your Holiday Party, but keep an eye on the alcohol consumption of your guests. You could be held responsible. Driving while intoxicated can have a ripple effect and an entire community can suffer.

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Donald Trump has named many adversaries of the current legal system to fill critical positions in government, the effect of which could be devastating to every American’s civil rights.

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Nepotism laws may present problems for the new Trump Administration. Will Jared Kushner want to occupy a spot in the inner circle? Even if he can?

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as America’s next president because the Democrats didn’t “get it” and because many Americans could not help but ignore the obvious.

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Veterans can wait more than four hundred days waiting for a consultation for complex mental health issues at the Memphis VA Medical Center

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