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In the world of civil matters that are in dispute, there are also many good reasons jurors are not allowed to hear or see certain information. One such evidentiary rule remains a thorn in the side of plaintiffs.

Federal Reserve Building.

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Mark Johnson and Stuart Scott, former senior HSBC managers, were recently indicted for criminal wire fraud in connection with front-running activities at HSBC Bank plc, a subsidiary of HSBC.

Paul Samakow, CommDigiNews Legal Expert, interviewed by The Hill

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CommDigiNews legal expert Paul Samakow was interviewed by the hill on JASTA. Understand the issue and see the video here

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Rape laws need to include assaults against unconscious women. Statutes of limitations need to be eliminated. Bill Cosby's case is a prime example of why.

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Big business wants reduced or eliminated enforcement of laws against discrimination and pollution. Insurance companies want judges to rule against people who have been injured – even when they deserve compensation – and insurers want damage awards to be reduced.

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President Obama's veto of the aptly named “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” which allows Americans to sue state sponsors of terror, was overwhelmingly overridden by a 97-1 Senate vote.

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Obama vetoed JASTA legislation Friday, claiming other countries will allow suits against U.S. Congress may override. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia has lots of money.

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Food for thought here: work taping could get the recorder fired (retaliation), and there is often little the recorder can then do, even if the recording is to prove or document illegal discrimination or harassment.

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Some lawsuits are legitimate. Other "legal" matters beg the question "What were they thinking" in ways that range from the horrible to the insane.

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Attorneys have gotten a bad rap, sometimes due to the ads they run. Think "ambulance chasers." Here's the truth of the matter straight from a real attorney.

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