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Burger and King.

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Two lifelong soul mates (since fifth grade) are now getting married, and Burger King is paying for the wedding.

Donkey and Elephant, Nast.

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Many candidates used those new “how to persuade” skills to help themselves as they followed moral compasses that veered a bit south.

Indiana Gov. Pence signing the state's controversial RFRA.

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“Faith” has become synonymous with “values” in the minds of many, although there is absolutely no correlation.

Senator Ted Cruz.

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C ruz signing up for Obamacare leads to endless questions and ridicule from the media as well as from his opponents.

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Do things occur randomly, or is there a greater force that accounts for the occurrence of events? Is coincidence responsible? Why are some people crime or “accident” victims?

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All employees deserve at least one opportunity to correct ineffective behavior. But what if they can't correct?

Firing Squad execution, 1877.

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Pay attention to the things that go on in the world that are truly real; they are much more interesting than most “reality” television shows.

Credit Ronny Richert / Flickr Creative Commons

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One lawyer says it is absolute commitment; another says it is supply and demand. The concern may be whether we trust the service for the fees.

Wafa Fiture, age 26 , courtesy of the Islamic Monthly (

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Asking the “right” questions can keep an employer “legal” while allowing information to be gained... Employers can ask applicants if they can work on Saturdays and Sundays, but not what religion they practice.

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Dozens of state and federal laws are named for children who were harmed or who died way too soon. Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law, The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, Kendra’s Law, Leandra’s Law, three Jacob’s Laws and at least three Laura’s Laws are but a few examples.

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