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How to protect yourself and recover from Identity Theft

How to protect yourself and recover from Identity Theft

Imagine that each M&M represents a person’s private information. Identity thieves possess 100 Empire State Buildings filled with M&M’s.

The Alibaba logo.

Want shares of the Alibaba [BABA] IPO? Good luck with that…

WASHINGTON, September 12, 2014 – Warning: Long article ahead. If you’ll forgive the vulgar analogy, trading the market this week has been a little like getting sloppy seconds. No matter what position you undertake, it’s increasingly likely to disappoint. READ ALSO: Scotland and Alibaba [BABA]: Wall Street’s Wild West Friday News past, present and future

Four witches.

Wall Street jargon: What the heck is ‘quadruple witching’?

WASHINGTON, September 19, 2014 – What’s with this “quadruple witching” nonsense we’re hearing about today? Like all professions and businesses, Wall Street investment types have a professional jargon all their own, and it’s often a lot more colorful than what might imagine in this button-down world of hedge funds and investment banks. But the colorful

Bear Grylls in quicksand.

Alibaba [BABA] creates more IPO shares. Facebook redux?

WASHINGTON, September 15, 2014 – Alibaba’s [BABA’s] incoming IPO really seems to have a head of steam going into its scheduled Thursday evening (September 18) pricing and Friday morning opening trading which will likely start quite late. But the Maven still doesn’t think you and I are going to get any of these shares, whatever


From Ray Rice to lap dancing teachers, America needs pastoral guidance

Violence purposely overlooked has affected at least 20,000 former pro-football players… a man used a dog “shock collar” on his 7-year-old daughter… Ray Rice welcomed at his old high school… anti-abortionists persist in back-door tactics


Back to school: Challenges for parents and children

WASHINGTON, September 9, 2014 — This is the time of year when our children begin school or return to school. It is the time in which parents are overwhelmed with conflicting roles and responsibilities. For example, many parents have a job. Their first pressure is transporting their child to and from school. Once the child returns

Screen shot of Trivago pitchman on CNBC.

The Trivago Man: Rumpled pitchman helps website gain following among travelers

WASHINGTON, August 23, 2014 – You read our rant about the Trivago Man in our previous article. (Or should have.) Not only is this one of the weirdest ad campaigns we can remember. It turns out there’s actually some method to the madness. Just what is Trivago? After our initial, wildly negative reaction to the