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UDC Law 2015 commencement.

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An immigrant, a cancer fundraiser, a dedicated family member working in the family business, a law student with a vision to go out into the world and help those whose rights are being violated, and a woman whose passion includes Fido and Kitty, Ms. Alvarez is not the typical law student.

Gaia - EARTH DAY - Creative Commons

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From Eve to Cleopatra, to June Cleaver to Marge Simpson, a mother has always will been the bedrock of family. Laws, predictably, have much to say about moms.

Caricature of P. T. Barnum.

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There are some very sophisticated and truly bad guys trying to take advantage of you. Beware.

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... were you looking where you were walking? Then didn't you see the problem? Oh, you were looking... but you went forward anyway?

Burger and King.

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Two lifelong soul mates (since fifth grade) are now getting married, and Burger King is paying for the wedding.

Donkey and Elephant, Nast.

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Many candidates used those new “how to persuade” skills to help themselves as they followed moral compasses that veered a bit south.

Indiana Gov. Pence signing the state's controversial RFRA.

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“Faith” has become synonymous with “values” in the minds of many, although there is absolutely no correlation.

Senator Ted Cruz.

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C ruz signing up for Obamacare leads to endless questions and ridicule from the media as well as from his opponents.

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Do things occur randomly, or is there a greater force that accounts for the occurrence of events? Is coincidence responsible? Why are some people crime or “accident” victims?

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All employees deserve at least one opportunity to correct ineffective behavior. But what if they can't correct?

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