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Obama vetoed JASTA legislation Friday, claiming other countries will allow suits against U.S. Congress may override. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia has lots of money.

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Food for thought here: work taping could get the recorder fired (retaliation), and there is often little the recorder can then do, even if the recording is to prove or document illegal discrimination or harassment.

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Some lawsuits are legitimate. Other "legal" matters beg the question "What were they thinking" in ways that range from the horrible to the insane.

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Attorneys have gotten a bad rap, sometimes due to the ads they run. Think "ambulance chasers." Here's the truth of the matter straight from a real attorney.

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There's another twist in the contentious Rucki divorce and child custody case. Father David Rucki who'd said he was a millionaire on ABC's 20/20, now claims indigence.

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In 1914, the United State Supreme Court stated that an insurance company's dealings are of the greatest public interest, like those of a bank. Today, insurance companies are focused solely on maximizing profits, not serving those they insure.

You have some critical choices to make once you have decided to proceed with your divorce. Photo: Attlia Kefeli/Creative Commons

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If the divorce rate is, as some say, over fifty percent, then these issues are among the most important ones over half of all people will have to reconcile.

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There is nothing worse than drinking and driving than later not admitting what was done was both illegal, and stupid.

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Voter ID: Cumulative result: A win for Democrats, more voters. McAuliffe: Result: For now, a blow to the ex-cons, certainly, and to Democrats and not as many voters in Virginia,

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Donald Trump: Build a wall. Hilary Clinton: Build a bridge. Ideal: Elected officials work together. Views and statutes concerning general rights, employment and crime relating to immigrants.

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