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Charles Krauthammer: It is a mark of civilization to maintain order at the lowest possible level of official violence.

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These laws allow people who feel a need to be protected to have their guns nearby.

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From the very beginning of the American Presidential election process, virtually all candidates have latched onto a slogan, an idea, that they believe will carry them to the White House.

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Is it ever too late to apologize? ... Some apologies are given because the wrongdoer effectively “had to.”... many doctors are not “allowed” to apologize.

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My husband and I never considered divorce… murder sometimes, but never divorce. Dr. Joyce Brothers (renowned psychologist).

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Iceland, which was as hard hit as any country by the great crash of 2008, decided to take a completely different approach. Accountability.

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Even using a website can bind you to forced arbitration...Even if you knew about these clauses, there is little you can do but be bound by them.

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Like it or not, the simple truth is that consumers are often taken unfair advantage of by insurer claims is what you should do, whether or not the accident was your fault.

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We have children for a reason. School is not a substitute parent.

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WASHINGTON, August 9, 2015 –  Last week, two children with learning disabilities were handcuffed by a Kentucky sheriff who now faces a federal lawsuit....

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This is the story of Cholita, the ‘real life Paddington bear’. Spectacled bear Cholita was snatched from the wild as a baby. She spent years in the circus confined to a tiny cage suffering horrible abuse.