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Donald Trump has named many adversaries of the current legal system to fill critical positions in government, the effect of which could be devastating to every American’s civil rights.

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Nepotism laws may present problems for the new Trump Administration. Will Jared Kushner want to occupy a spot in the inner circle? Even if he can?

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as America’s next president because the Democrats didn’t “get it” and because many Americans could not help but ignore the obvious.

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Veterans can wait more than four hundred days waiting for a consultation for complex mental health issues at the Memphis VA Medical Center

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Under a Trump Administration, healthcare, immigration and new tax laws have the potential to change a great deal for small business owners in 2017 and beyond.

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You can easily contact the FBI agent specially trained to respond to citizen complaints about possible violations of Federal voting rights laws in your area.

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Have you witnessed violence, intimidation or irregularities at your polling place on Election Day? Report what you've seen to local cops and your state’s DOJ-appointed U.S. Attorney.

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Next Tuesday, many things may change...Minimum wage increases... Whether to tax big corporations to pay for schools and health care... Whether to legalize marijuana... Choices about immigration laws... Access to abortion services and contraception

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Lawyer jokes are sometimes funny. None of them are when you need a good lawyer. Careful analysis reveals that lawyers are still highly needed, do great things, and don't deserve to be the butt of so many insulting jokes.

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Without the appropriate coverage, a motor vehicle accident that results in personal injury could result in a devastating economic loss for the responsible party.

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