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Wafa Fiture, age 26 , courtesy of the Islamic Monthly (

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Asking the “right” questions can keep an employer “legal” while allowing information to be gained... Employers can ask applicants if they can work on Saturdays and Sundays, but not what religion they practice.

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Dozens of state and federal laws are named for children who were harmed or who died way too soon. Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law, The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, Kendra’s Law, Leandra’s Law, three Jacob’s Laws and at least three Laura’s Laws are but a few examples.

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason.

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Despite her amazing commercial success, (Judge) Judy is an embarrassment.

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There is a difference between Mr. Lynch not acting and the world’s inactions in response to situations like those in Syria. The press, because both are news, will report on both. We either laugh or cry.

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The bank suggested we move some of mom's money to a savings account - then they would not let us - and hence the comedy begins and end

New York Court of Appeals | Image - Wikipedia

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A vicious dog attack left a woman without use of her right arm. A Florida jury awarded $3.7 million. The Florida appellate court overturned the verdict.

Caricatures of Rubio - Obama - Castro by Donkey Hotey for

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As legal restrictions ease, it is clear that citizens and businesses in the United States will benefit. Why then have certain right-wing media, and certain elected officials (whose job is to push for the betterment of society), so vehemently opposed the effort?

Photo by Pen Waggener, used with Creative Commons license.

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We can reduce the $1.1 trillion spent on the non-entitlement or discretionary items without much pain. But Congress has to act.

The butts of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian

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The substances that are injected into otherwise healthy butts have included concrete, rubber cement, Fix-A-Flat Tire Inflator, mineral oil, other kitchen-oils, industrial silicone (available at your hardware store), and the injection sites are often closed with Super Glue or Krazy Glue.

Mark Cuban of ABC's "Shark Tank."

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TULSA, Oklahoma, January 8, 2015 – "Shark Tank," the popular ABC business reality show (also running in syndication on CNBC) has gained fame for the pronouncements of its...