Employment and Labor

Employment and Labor

Latest news and views on jobs, employment, salaries and wages across the country.

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Pathetic DOL September job numbers are worse than they look as full-time employment continues to be elusive. Like Obamacare, Obamanomics is working.

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From their commercials, it appears that the American Petroleum Institute (API) has renewed its effort to convince Americans to be “energy voters.”

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign has stated that for her to appeal successfully to millennials, she must suggest policies that are fair and just because millennials want a fair and just world.

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Whether starting a career, searching for career advancement or launching a business, there are so many options, we frequently don’t know where to begin.

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Hillary Clinton’s claim that trickle-down economics is what led to the financial crisis is based on fantasy, not on facts.

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Crude oil price increase also add pep to Thursday markets, although stocks remain off their session highs in tepid afternoon trading. We'll see how long this latest interest rate rally lasts.

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“Worse than expected” news from Bureau of Labor Statistics: August 2016 created 151,000 new jobs, 30,000 less than “expected.” Friday markets rejoice. Workers not so much.

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It will take a businessman like Donald Trump to jump-start the economy and shake up the sclerotic, costly Washington bureaucracy that's destroying America.

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But where’s the beef? U.S. companies brag about increasing minimum wage salaries. But what about the dying middle class?

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Paid leave? Workers in the United States suffer from "vacation deprivation" compared to employees in many other nations around the world.

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