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Spare a dime for the Highway Trust Fund?

Spare a dime for the Highway Trust Fund?

The federal Highway Trust Fund is scheduled to go belly up, according to the Congressional Budget Office (an oxymoron), by August 1 of this year.

Gold bullion bars. (Via Wikipedia)

Secret bear cartel sledgehammers gold down over 2 percent

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2014 – Funniest lede of the day, from Bloomberg: Gold headed for the biggest decline in almost seven months as Portuguese banking concerns eased and equities advanced, diminishing demand for haven assets. Why funny? Because Japan’s Nomura Securities is reportedly threatening further legal action against Portuguese Banco Espirito Santo today, putting that


June jobs report: Unemployment rate irrelevance

AUSTIN, July 10, 2014 —The U.S. Labor Department released the all-important Employment Situation Report last Thursday afternoon, just before the long Fourth of July holiday weekend. Given the timing, the report almost went unnoticed, except by President Obama, who hastily threw together an afternoon appearance to trumpet the new numbers. On the surface, things could

U.S. Federal Reserve's DC HQ. (Via Wikipedia)

Stocks stage modest rally, Fed’s minutes stay the course

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2014 – In its just-released minutes for their June meeting, the Federal Reserve indicated that its market-stimulating bond-buying program, aka QE3, would likely be completely wound down by October of this year. Stocks seem to have anticipated this report, and stocks remain modestly up today after this week’s nasty selling blast. Simply