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Economics & Economy

What's really happening behind political and business smoke and mirrors.

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This exploration of space and of other life forms is only possible thanks to the free market.

Branco anti-tax cartoon.

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WASHINGTON, April 15, 2015 – That weeping and gnashing of teeth you hear in the background—accompanied by shattered pencils and smashed computer keyboards—is the...

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When it all comes crashing down again, we’ll end up asking: ‘Are you kidding me? We did it again?

Tax cartoon.

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WASHINGTON, April 11, 2014 − I just finished helping a couple with their 2014 federal income tax return. Both the husband and wife are...

Funding retirement.

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A lifetime spent in toiling for my family now has ceased; I lie upon the beach enjoying sunshine streaming east.

Branco Cartoon.

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WASHINGTON, April 7, 2015 — President Obama says he wants to unite the country. He started saying it before he took office. When newly elected in...

Pepco outage map.

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We’re trapped by a government that has no clue, headed as it is by the coldest, most manipulative and most anti-American Chief Executive ever to occupy the White House.

Elaborately decorated Czech Easter Eggs.

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WASHINGTON, April 5, 2015 – Happy Easter Sunday to all. Whether you a secularist who believes only in the Easter Bunny, or a more...

Unemployment line, 1930s.

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WASHINGTON, April 4, 2015 — In March, the U.S. economy created 126,000 new jobs. This was the worst performance of this measure since December 2013,...

The Q in Cleveland.

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CLEVELAND, March 30, 2015 − Holy Week 2015 finds us still up in Cleveland on a part-business, part-holiday trip. For most sports-loving local denizens in...

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