Economic Politics

Economic Politics

In the 21st century, money and politics seem to be the same thing.

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Base metals, aluminum, all-important copper soar along with related mining stocks and builders as stocks seem to predict an all-out building boom dead ahead.

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Moving a Ford plant to Mexico to re-export to the U.S. is not free trade. Building a Ford plant in Mexico to sell to Mexicans is another matter.

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A newly-inaugurated President Trump promised that beginning today, the people are in charge of America. Trump’s inauguration speech was right on point. Starting today there is indeed a new dawn of optimism.

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Will Trump-onomics actually prevail against all the Soros-funded armies of left-wing, globalist evildoers? Markets trade as if uncertainty is a certainty in 2017.

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Suppose it’s January 2019. Donald Trump has been America's President for 2 full years. What do his current supporters expect that he will have accomplished?

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January trading action to get ugly this white-knuckle trading week as Soros-funded “anarchists” threaten to trash peaceful transfer of Presidential power.

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In pre-presidential press conference, Trump praises appointees, clobbers Obamacare and “enemies of the people” eviscerates CNN and BBC, and roils Wall Street.

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After decades in hibernation, the bond markets have spoken. And it’s not pretty.

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The Limited is just the latest retail casualty of many. Markets remain nervous as Obamacare, Trump Inauguration, Regime Change lead to hope and uncertainty.

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Affordable health care act has become a disaster for most Americans. Simple economics tells us the answer to rising prices and shortages is always to increase the supply.

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