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Don't let your business be the low hanging fruit for hackers. Employ smart cyber-security and keep your information safe.

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Any time you enter a bank or retail establishment, chances are you are under the watchful eye of at least a few IVA driven surveillance cameras and systems.

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The three main ways you can cyber cheat and how the age of technology makes it easy and convenient to do so, further blurring the lines of what is really “cheating” in this day and age:

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Startup company Surtrac is currently working on improving traffic light technology with an aim to drastically cut urban commuting time.

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Like communist China’s societal overseers– Facebook will depend on informants to clamp down on political dissent, ah, “misinformation.”

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By taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, schools are giving teachers more tools to help their students while removing unnecessary obstacles.

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Apple’s new MacBook Pro and other product announcements fall flat, stocks hit again. CNBC online anti-Trump obsession continues to crowd out business news.

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“Requiem Pro” virtual choir is a rare top-notch competitor in a saturated market populated with very few genuinely compelling choices.

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$18 billion wiped off Samsung shares in martphone debacle. No plans to resume production of high-end phone. Apple (AAPL) soars, will benefit greatly with increased iPhone 7 sales.

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For the second time in three years a NSA contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton successfully stole highly classified information while working for the super-secret spy agency.

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