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Business and Money

What you need to know to navigate the economy and your career. Edited by Terry Ponick

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Let's face, Trump is not taking a salary, has already begun working, and he is doing a better job than any president since Reagan.

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But traders in black gold—extractors, refiners, and exploration and pipeline companies—soar post-OPEC agreement to cut production.

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OPEC move drives crude oil stratospheric, techs take a hit, banks, insurers speeding away on cruise control.

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Whether you’re willing to flip a house, act as a landlord for tenants, or let your money do the investing for you, there may be a way for real estate to make money for you.

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Startup company Surtrac is currently working on improving traffic light technology with an aim to drastically cut urban commuting time.

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In the effort to acquire developed country status, Trinidad & Tobago should consider international tax neutrality and abandon its online sales tax scheme.

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Nepotism laws may present problems for the new Trump Administration. Will Jared Kushner want to occupy a spot in the inner circle? Even if he can?

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We need more economic growth, lower deficits, less economic distortion, and lower taxes; Trump's plan does some of that, but we can do much better than that.


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In response to falling revenues from oil sales, Trinidad's government is about to launch a tax that will hurt consumers and the economy. It's a huge mistake.

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Like communist China’s societal overseers– Facebook will depend on informants to clamp down on political dissent, ah, “misinformation.”

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