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Business and Money

What you need to know to navigate the economy and your career. Edited by Terry Ponick

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We never know who is going to catch us in the act. One thing is certain however. The act is most certainly being captured on film.

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If you're a journalist, graphic designer or logger, your job and pay prospects are bleak and bleaker. Nursing pay and prospects are booming. Time for a change?

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Apple to get more aggressive in the entertainment space. EPA attacks Fiat Chrysler for VW-like diesel engine software game. Big fines on the way? Stock tanks.

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Constant turmoil in Washington short-circuits ongoing Trump rally, as sore-loser media opposition puts politics above national interest.

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In pre-presidential press conference, Trump praises appointees, clobbers Obamacare and “enemies of the people” eviscerates CNN and BBC, and roils Wall Street.

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As with all national holidays, MLK Day, added to Inauguration Day, will likely cause unusual trading patterns next week in stocks and bonds.

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After decades in hibernation, the bond markets have spoken. And it’s not pretty.

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The Limited is just the latest retail casualty of many. Markets remain nervous as Obamacare, Trump Inauguration, Regime Change lead to hope and uncertainty.

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Affordable health care act has become a disaster for most Americans. Simple economics tells us the answer to rising prices and shortages is always to increase the supply.

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Politics and technology have combined to create new ideas in recent decades, resulting in a continuing array of questions about what is or may be legal.

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