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This is how Wall Street is feeling on October 1. (Via Wikipedia)

Stocks take bad-news swan dive to greet October

Stocks take bad-news swan dive to greet October

WASHINGTON, October 1, 2014 – Short column today as we prepare to head off for a 3-day jaunt in the Virginia mountains. It looks like a good time for a break, too, since this market already seems either to be on break itself or already broken. With the illegal quarter-end window-dressing exercise now concluded, stocks

PayPal's San José HQ.

eBay [EBAY] and PayPal to split. First casualty of Apple Pay?

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014 – Lately it seems as if every trading day contains at least one major news item, sometimes shocking, sometimes astounding, occasionally expected. So it is with Tuesday’s market. The last day of September brings news that online retailer/auctioneer eBay (EBAY) intends to split the ubiquitous PayPal service off from the mothership,

Emirates Air

Moral hazard at the Export Import Bank: Private gain vs. social risk

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014 — Neal Asbury writes in Money News that Congress’s reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank is a good move. His chief argument in favor of the Ex-Im Bank: This is needed because private American financial institutions will not collateralize foreign receivables or inventory. Without this, legions of small businesses and entrepreneurs that

Hong Kong 2014 protests.

Financial media ignore, downplay disruptive Hong Kong crisis

WASHINGTON, September 29, 2014 – Although Chinese government police are starting to get rough with the largely student-inspired pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, they haven’t yet deployed the kind of force that resulted in significant casualties a generation ago during the eerily similar protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Perhaps the Chinese Communists learned a thing

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, 09/28/14.

Hong Kong protests, PIMCO chaos to smash Wall Street Monday

WASHINGTON, September 29, 2014 – As the third quarter’s illegal portfolio window-dressing fun is ready to conclude, the legendary Bill Gross’ Friday exit as PIMCO’s chief bond guru will weigh heavily on Monday’s opening Wall Street trades. Worse yet, however, the potentially cataclysmic outcome of Hong Kong’s ongoing pro-democracy protests could unleash a killer tsunami

Emeril Lagasse.

BAM! Obamanomics also “On the Menu” for TNT’s Emeril Lagasse

WASHINGTON, September 28, 2014 – BAM! Once the boisterous, wildly popular master cooking guru of his own Food Network cooking show, and later the flash-in-the-pan star of a disastrously short-lived sitcom where he starred as himself, famed chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse returns to television this week as the “menu master” of TNT’s all-new “On