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Business Inversions: A symptom of lost economic sovereignty

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 — With American icon Burger King adding its name to a growing list of companies that are using so-called “business inversions” to avoid paying often higher U.S. taxes, there are a number of solutions on the table to address this growing threat to the American economy and tax base. On the left,


It’s Coin-Toss Friday Follies day for stock market traders

WASHINGTON, August 29, 2014 – Thursday’s trading was moderately unpleasant. Today’s trading may be moderately okay, although there’s always a tendency for markets to sell off late Friday whenever a long, tradeless weekend looms. Both Vlad the Impaler and the Islamofascist goons of the all-new, 8th century-style “Caliphate” loom large in any bear scenario, and