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The Democrats’ political spinners and paid media operatives with bylines put a happy face on Monday’s convention debacle in Philly. Wasserman-Schultz out as DNC head. Pro-Dem markets getting nervous.

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The Democrats say they will offer optimism, since the country is really in very good condition, instead of Trump’s gloom and doom.

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Will the media portray the Democrats’ dysfunctional Coronation Week for Hillary the same way they framed Trump’s Triumph in Cleveland? Monday stock averages take a dive.

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Donald Trump: Build a wall. Hilary Clinton: Build a bridge. Ideal: Elected officials work together. Views and statutes concerning general rights, employment and crime relating to immigrants.

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CDN’s Mark Nowakowski interviews industry expert Daniel Spreadbury on new Steinberg Media Technology music notation software package “Dorico.” (Part 2 of 2)

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Next week’s stock market overhang will come from the Hillary-crats as they visit Philadelphia. For now, stocks seem to be digesting the latest bull move seasoned with a touch of Trump-mania. (Maybe.)

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CDN’s Mark Nowakowski interviews industry expert Daniel Spreadbury on Steinberg Media Technologies' new music notation software package “Dorico.” (Part 1 of 2)

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With the Cleveland GOP convention convulsing in background, major U.S. stock market averages flirt with new intraday highs Wednesday morning.

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Dow up, S&P 500 slightly negative to flat as rally takes a break. NBC, its flacks and the GOP establishment launch 24/7 anti-Trump cycle by trashing… Melania Trump!

You have some critical choices to make once you have decided to proceed with your divorce. Photo: Attlia Kefeli/Creative Commons

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SAN DIEGO, July 18, 2016 – Once you’ve made the difficult decision to get divorced, you may believe the worst is over. It is...

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