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Shake Shack Toffee Concrete.

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WASHINGTON, January 24, 2015 – After an anemic beginning last in mid-January, the initial public offering (IPO) market for 2015 is likely to hit...

Wall Street corner post

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Capitalism doesn’t care who you are. It only cares about what you do.

Anonymous at Scientology buildings in LA | Creative Commons

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On the path to anarchism, there are five stages. And unlike conventional applications of the Kübler-Ross model, the end result is not death or loss, but life and freedom.

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Farmers, consumers and advocates unite under banner of strengthening the local, organic food movement.

New Castle, PA Rust Belt Revivalvideo

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NEW CASTLE, Pa., January 23, 2015 – America’s economic recovery has taken center stage of the national news since the 2008-2009 Great Recession. The...

Redbox kiosk/logo.

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WASHINGTON, January 23, 2015 – With its outsized ambitions and bigger-than-life personalities, the media and entertainment business has frequently proved to be a warren...

Spanx CEO Jan Singer

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The Buckhead Business Association on Thursday honored local businesses for their commitment to the community and for helping to reshape Buckhead.

Open office plans means it is all the more important to be able to work well with others | Wikipedia

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How a new employee moves into his new role will likely determine whether or not he stays.

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Los Angeles, January 22, 2015 — Volkswagen and BMW Partner with Chargepoint to Build Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Corridors on Both Coasts In a bold...

Euro coins and notes.

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WASHINGTON, January 22, 2015 – At least as of 3 p.m. EST, Thursday seems as if it’s set to become 2015’s happiest day on...


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