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Originally from Los Angeles, Stephen Z. Nemo has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.

“American Anarchist”: a revolutionary’s remorse documentary on Netflix

Now streaming on Netflix, filmmaker Charlie Siskel is brilliant in that he has Powell – no longer the suave, Che look-alike but a pudgy, gray-haired, double-chinned academic – read selections from his ode to violent revolution.

Supremely well done, SCOTUS upholds “travel ban”

People with a brain in their head, including the President, recognized the "travel ban" for what it is. Not what hysterical leftists said it was.

Capitalist dogs in hot pursuit of Jane and Bernie Sanders

Jane Sanders got a $10 million loan for now defunct Burlington College backed by donation pledges that weren't there. The people burned by that aren't smiling.

Republicans and the records rabbit hole of presidential libraries

Republicans are as utterly clueless when it came to getting to the bottom of Obama administration wrongdoing. Instead, it was the watchdogs at Judicial Watch.

Nancy Pelosi’s losing Democratic Confederacy

Nancy Pelosi was a great Speaker. She is a great leader. But her time has come and gone.

SABO: Trump’s Hollywood outsider, artist and provocateur

SABO insists his work is not meant to offend but to “challenge people to such a degree that maybe I scare them.”

#GA06 OssWhooping: The losing rebellion of Hodgkinson’s Left

Hodgkinson, and the Left understand that socialism, in all its forms (national, international and democratic), is not a product of consent but brute force.

New York City’s Free Shakespeare Devilment in Central Park

The staged murder of President Donald Trump now playing in New York’s Central Park and D-lister Kathy Griffin’s mock beheading are bastardizations of Shakespeare

The Clinton-Lynch plot to shatter the glass ceiling

The attorney general's behavior made the FBI director queasy. It should have; she was colluding with Hillary Clinton. So why no special prosecutor?

House of Cards: One nation Underwood

Netflix original series 'House of Cards' has started Season 5, and President Underwood is facing a deadly new threat close to home. Or closer.

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