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Supreme Court rules on President Trump’s refugee travel ban

The Supreme Court's decision this week was the next step in the Trump administration’s six-month effort to temporarily shut down the nation’s refu­gee program

A random act of kindness toward a boy with autism

It is the many random acts of kindness we encounter that makes our lives special. It should also be the many random acts of kindness that we do.

Donald Trump and those not-so-funny late night TV comedians

TV's late-night hosts-comedians, polarized and politicized, are just not funny anymore: Repetiton and tediousness leads to boredom. Get me rewrite.

Even as some Americans seek socialism, Venezuelan’s seek food

People are protesting because, despite have the world's largest oil reserves, Venezuela is suffering from a deep recession coupled with hyper-inflation. The economy is a mess.

Erin Moran, popular ‘Happy Days’ star, dead at 56

"Happy Days" star Erin Moran died Saturday in Indiana at the age of 56. Her life had apparently been in a downward spiral for many years.

O’Reilly fans furious at Fox for firing him

One by one, popular and effective conservative reporters, pundits and commentators are getting sent into permanent exile, as if by design. Is Ann Coulter next?
Mitch McConnell, The US Capitol - The western (front) side of the United States Capitol. By NoClip for Wikipedia (open domain image)

Fake poll: Sanders most popular Senator, McConnell least

Funny how this poll comes in the day after Neil Gorsuch is sworn in as the Supreme Court's newest justice, arguably Sen. McConnell's greatest political triumph.

Are America’s nuclear power plants running out of money?

In New Jersey and elsewhere, the surprising American energy revolution is putting tremendous financial pressure on operators of nuclear power plants across the country.

Remembering Don Rickles: Top shots from his celebrity roasts

Even after he assumed the office of the presidency, Ronald Reagan couldn't escape Rickles' japes.

Don Rickles dead at 90. Is his style of comedy dead as well?

Rickles' brand of insult comedy flourished in a golden age in which no group or subgroup, political belief system, race or religion was exempt from his barbs.

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Death and the Limelight: The tragedy of “Gurl Nineteen” Ruth Polsky

Ruth Polsky was responsible for giving many post punk bands their first taste of America, including The Smiths, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Cocteau Twins.