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We spend a third of our lives in bed - which means 25 years, give or take the addition of naps - over the course of a 75-year life span. Waterbeds, foam beds, gel beds, air beds, platform beds, futons are there to support this, our largest single activity and Rachel Minihan is here to write about all things bed.

Is your life being negatively affected by deprivation?

Living a comfortable and fit life is everybody’s dream. But not everyone succeeds in achieving that dream.

What Marion Kelly taught us about being geek-chic

Unintentionally hilarious BBC interview video clip with professor Robert E. Kelly goes viral, as little Marion Kelly becomes a fashion-plate for geek-chic.

Inner Fashion Diva: How to be thrifty and create your own style

You can by stylish without spending a lot of money on clothes, accessories, bags, and other fashionable things. Embrace thrift shop shopping.

5 easy tips to improve your sleep and body posture

If you want to feel better during the day, think about how you spend your nights.

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