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Attorney Paul Samakow brings his legal expertise and analysis from the trenches of the courtroom to Communities Digital News. A native Washingtonian, Samakow has been a Plaintiff’s trial lawyer since 1980 practicing in the DC metro area. Paul can be reached at any time by calling 1-866-SAMAKOW (1-866-726-2569), via email @ [email protected], or through his website @ http://www.samakowlaw.com/. He is also available to speak to your group on numerous legal topics.

Law School For You: Understanding divorce law

One of the best ways to prepare for what’s to come is to understand the process. Here then are some explanations... The ‘biggest” issues.. are typically .. money and children.

Law School For You: Murder – Why we care

Here is the psychology behind our fascination with murder, followed by some legal discussion that will help you use the right terminology.

Law School For You – Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is often misunderstood, often taken for granted, and remains constantly on the defensive both inside and outside the government.

Law School For You: Lawsuits Matter

Our nation’s Founders believed that a fair, properly constructed civil justice system was critical for the protection of individual liberties against injustice.

Law School for you: The learned Art of Persuasion

What happens in courtrooms is not just a presentation of facts. Attorneys, the good ones at least, are often deploying numerous psychological tools.

Law school for you – A primer on contract law

In business, deals abound. Legally, these deals are called contracts. Before you sign on the bottom line, research the other party and read the contract.

Congress: You must love puppies, America and apple pie

A victim whose entire life was destroyed by a doctor sues and obtains an award of ten million dollars. The law says "Sorry,” you only get $250,000.00."

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A new legal frontier

AI systems are very close to matching human processing. However, at least today, they cannot be taken into a courtroom to stand trial or answer for accidents they may have caused.

Law and Disorder on Legal Question and Answer forums

The segment of individuals seeking legal advice online includes more than a few who aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

Legal battles of the Rich and Famous: From Mariah Carey to Dr. Oz

The rich and famous tend to find themselves embroiled in legal matters much more often than those who are not quite so financially well-endowed.

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