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VA lawyer Flippin off of Higgins administrative investigation

CDN has learned that a key VA lawyer, Brad Flippin, has been removed from the case between Sean Higgins and the Memphis VA

Shulkin’s office investigates as Memphis VA scandal deepens

During the Memphis VA’s investigation of Higgins into purported workplace harassment the hospital placed a bogus restraining order into the investigative file. 

The Beckley Veterans Administration: One of the worst VA hospital’s?

The VAOIG report in his case was also a whitewash and Anderson said the VAOIG investigations never reflected the depth of the problem.

Did Memphis VA slip fake “Restraining Order” in whistleblowers file

CDN has learned that a false restraining order was put into his investigative file. The full file was shared with CDN by Higgins and his attorney Joree Browlow.

Claims of whistleblower retaliation at Beckley VA Hospital

Some of the wrongdoings Mitchell detailed include wrongful patient deaths, intimidation, mismanagement, abuse of authority, and violations of laws.

Illegal voter, Kanjana Casetta, loses voter registration card

Kanjana Casetta is a permanent legal resident alien but she has voted at least eight times since 2008 in elections where she is a registered voter in Fond Du Lac County.

Altoona whistleblower medical records released and shared

While one whistleblower is a continued target, Veterans in Los Angeles have died by the dozens due to "delay of consult".

Despite VA Accountability Act, Memphis Whistleblower is fired

President Trump signed the VA Accountability Act legislation today even as Sean Higgins, a VA employee, and whistleblower loses his job.
David Rucki - Screenshot taken from ABC video.

Bloggers approaching Grazzini-Rucki jury do not trigger mistrial

Have bloggers attempted to influence the jury in a criminal trial? And were their efforts to talk to the jury ignored?
Mike Pence - GOP Convention (Screen Shot captured by CommDigiNews)

V.P. Pence’s promises to repeal and replace Obamacare

“We’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare.” Pence said “We all remember all the broken promises of Obamacare.”

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