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Laurie Edwards-Tate, MS, President and Founder of At Your Home Familycare in San Diego, California, was among the first to recognize the growing need for services allowing individuals to remain independent created by the aging of America including the Baby Boomer generation, now being called the “Silver Tsunami.” It is the Baby Boomers who are rapidly redefining what aging and growing older means and looks like in America today. Now celebrating its 28th year in business, AYHF is among San Diego County’s Top Women-Owned Businesses and Fastest Growing Businesses, and enjoys a reputation for upholding the highest possible standards among its employees and its emphasis on customer service. Edwards-Tate is a valued contributor to the public dialogue on current issues and challenges in the home care industry, and serves in leadership roles on the Home Care Aide Association of America Advisory Board and Private Duty Home Care Association Advisory Board, as well as the Home Care Aide Steering Committee of the California Association for Health Services at Home. Edwards-Tate is frequently interviewed in the media on healthy aging, caregiving, and health care topics. Follow Laurie and AYHF at www.atyourhomefamilycare.com; on Facebook at www.facebook.com/atyourhomefamilycare, and Twitter at @AYHFamilycare

Men’s Health Month message needs to last all year long

“There is a silent health crisis in America...it’s the fact that, on average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women.”

The Solstice heralds the official start of Summer

Remember to keep cool, drink plenty of water and always to wear sunscreen while enjoying fun in the sun.

American Lung Association breathing life into awareness of lung disease

The American Lung Association is responsible for leading the charge to drive down smoking rates and for advocacy efforts which resulted in smoke-free laws.

London Bridge takes a temporary fall as terrorphobia rises

Most everyone has a phobia, which is a persistent anxiety and or fear of something. A new popular word, terrorphobia, is being used more frequently to describe the growing global fear of terrorism.

Memorial Day concert and parade: Watch the live streams here

One of America's most sacred holidays, Memorial Day honors the memory of our fallen soldiers. Washington DC is host to both the Memorial Day Concert and Parade.

American Stroke Month: Understanding and avoiding strokes

U.S. Senator Mark Stevens suffered a stroke and returned to work and normal life. You can too.

Wildlife conservation at work in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

With an emphasis on providing the most natural environment possible for all its animal inhabitants, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park offers exciting opportunities for human visitors eager to enjoy it.

Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ graphically explores teen suicide

There is no denying the major impact "13 Reasons Why" is having on teenagers, parents, teachers and mental health professionals.

World Asthma Day: Breathing fresh air into a serious health issue

With approximately 235 million of members of our global community stricken by asthma, World Asthma Day is organized in over 35 countries.

PTSD: Painful memories that never fade

SAN DIEGO, April 25, 2017 — Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — PTSD — is a human response that can result from experiencing a highly traumatic...

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