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Eric Nelson’s column “Consciousness and Health” has appeared on a number of national media websites including The Washington Times, The Washington Post, KevinMD, The Houston Chronicle and American Public Media's "On Being” blog. Eric also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California, enjoys road biking, and is more than happy to chat with anyone, anytime, about baseball.

The difference between placebos and prayer

Love is that which we naturally reflect of the Divine; what we are designed to express. It is not a placebo.

How to know if you’re being lied to

We should all be willing to improve upon our God-given ability to distinguish between truth and error, and in so doing, to enjoy the benefits.

Easter through the eyes of a woman

While we tend to think of Easter as the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection, there’s someone else whose participation in that event deserves recognition.

Honest politicians begin with honest voters

Tempting as it may be to grouse about the dishonesty of others, the demand is to focus first on being honest ourselves.

Explaining my religion to my nonreligious friends

Although I have no scientific evidence to back me up, I’d say a good number of religious people, as engaged and compassionate as they may be, live in a bubble.

How to heal hate

Immunity from the ‘politics of hate’ begins with a healthy dose of unconditional love, both for ourselves and others.

How to win the World Series (and a whole lot more)

Thanks to the Chicago Cubs, I have a much better idea of what it takes for ordinary Joes like me to overcome whatever obstacles seem to be standing in our way.

How to defend yourself against (mental) despotism

As important as it is to confront tyranny whenever and wherever it appears, the repression that appears in our own thinking remains an even more insidious enemy.

Does spiritual health produce material wealth?

Some say prosperity gospel is simply the belief that God grants health and wealth to those with the right kind of faith. But is this what the Bible teaches?

World explorer discovers ‘her own in another’s good’

Sarah Outen’s round-the-world journey via rowboat, bicycle, and kayak revealed that it takes more than physical prowess to succeed.

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