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Communities Digital News, LLC, combines the liveliest handpicked journalists and analysts to provide hourly updates on today’s news and trending information. From politics to entertainment, sports to public policy and today’s lifestyles — including travel, family, food and health — Communities Digital News is filled with content from journalists  who offer a fresh perspective on the very things you care about, that you want to read about.

The Communities are written with the reader, whoever you may be, in mind – and you are warmly invited to join in on the conversation happening right now.

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Communities Digital News, LLC, a Maryland Limited Liability Corporation (January 2013)

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Editor in Chief: Lisa Ruth ([email protected] )

Lisa Ruth is a former Intelligence Analyst for the CIA with a Master of Arts in Foreign Affairs (Latin America & Asia) from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

Lisa started her career at the CIA, where she won several awards for distinguished service and analysis. After leaving the government, she joined a private intelligence firm in South Florida as President, where she oversaw all research, analysis and reporting.

Lisa joined CDN as a journalist in 2009 and writes extensively on intelligence, world affairs, and breaking news. She also provides investigative reporting and news analysis. Lisa continues to write both for her own columns and as a guest writer on a wide variety of subjects; she is now Executive Editor for CDN and edits the Global, Family and Health sections. She is also a contributor to Newsmax, The Washington Times and other publications.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Her doctoral coursework in conflict resolution included the initial research for a dissertation on the Guatemalan peace plan. Lisa is a licensed private investigator in Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland; a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers; and a member of MENSA.

Lisa is a partner of Communities Digital News, LLC (January 2013/Maryland)

Editor in Chief / Political Editor: James Picht, Ph.D.

Dr. Picht is Associate Professor of Economics at the Louisiana Scholars’ College, Northwestern State University, where he teaches classes in Russian, Soviet Literature, Literature and Law, and Law and Economics, in addition to working with Communities Digital News.

Previously Dr. Picht worked as an advisor to the Institute of Economic Affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine; at the Russian Duma (USAID); the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Asian Development Bank); and the Ministry of Finance of Bosnia-Herzegovina (U.S. Department of Treasury). He has taught economics and law in Ukraine, and has also worked in Brazil. Dr. Picht speaks Russian, Portuguese and Spanish, and has worked in the Ukrainian and Serbo-Croatian languages, as well has having studied German, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Polish, and Homeric Greek.

Dr. Picht received his Bachelors Degrees in Russian and Biology/Chemistry from the University of Utah, pursued his MA in Slavic Languages and Literature at the University of Texas-Austin, and received his PhD in Economics from Texas A&M University. He’s a past member of the American Guild of Organists.

Dr. Picht joined CDN as a journalist in 2009 and writes on economics and politics. He is a partner of Communities Digital News, LLC (January 2013/Maryland)

Business and Arts Editor: Terry Ponick ([email protected] )

With degrees from Georgetown University (B.A., M.A.) and the University of South Carolina (Ph.D. in English and American Literature), Terry Ponick is a 30-year veteran of literature and the performing arts scene.

In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he has written for the Kennedy Center’s “Playbill,” contributed biographical entries and bibliographies to the Dictionary for Literary Biography (DLB), and authored the commemorative nonfiction history MENC (Music Educators National Conference): A Century of Service to Music Education, 1907-2007.

He served as the music, culture and occasional theater critic for the Washington Times’ print edition (1994-2009), joining CDN in that role in 2010 when the paper discontinued this feature. Later in that year, he assumed his current editorial role at CDN as well.

As a Federal government contractor to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), he wrote and edited the annual “Blue Book” (known since 2005 as the annual “Supplement to the President’s Budget”) for the fiscal years 1997-2001.

On the business side, Terry—a former stockbroker—maintains several active trading and investment portfolios and owns residential and investment real estate.

Sports Editor: Kevin J. Wells ([email protected])

Kevin has been a sports columnist and editor for Communities Digital News since January 2013, growing the competitive section to include reporters across the sports spectrum from MLB, NFL, and NHL to WWE/MMA; adventure; and other sports. Kevin also writes a punk rock and a food column. In addition to writing and editing, Kevin plays guitar in the Los Angeles punk band Emmer Effer.

Editor at Large: Gayle Falkenthal ([email protected])

Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, APR, is President/Owner of the Falcon Valley Group in San Diego, California, and a recognized media expert. Gayle has been with Communities Digital News since 2010, contributing not only as a columnist covering media, events, and politics, but also a recognized authority and commentator on boxing, writing Ring Side Seat for Communities. As a color commentator, Gayle leads numerous online chats during the year including boxing coverage, television premiers and other events.

Todd Stowell ([email protected]) – Chief Technology Officer

Jacquie Kubin, President ([email protected])

Jacquie is a four-decade veteran of marketing and public relations, cutting her teeth on clients such as Dove Bar (ice cream), Brunswick Bowling, Peppers Waterbeds and more in Chicago, Illinois, where she worked for Michigan Avenue ad firms before moving to Washington, DC in 1990.

Turning her pen (now keyboard) to pop culture, travel and photo-journalism, Jacquie has written for numerous publications, including The Washington Times, where she received two awards for her work (one feature/one travel). Jacquie is a firm believer in the power of a good editor.

Jacquie started Communities Digital News, LLC in 2009, launching under The Washington Times banner in January 2010, growing to nearly 3 million page views a month before re-launching the independent news source under its own banner in January 2014.

Please contact Jacquie at 301-503-4533 for business alliances, advertising or to syndicate Communities Digital News, LLC, content for print or digital use.

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