Veterans on Honor Flight at WWII Memorial | Image Jacquie Kubin

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Within the next five to seven years, honor flights for most World War II vets and many Korean War vets will cease as these American heroes will be gone.

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The actions of the two senators from Kentucky help us understand what’s going on.

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Forget the Middle East and Terrorism, its time for the military to do something about the weater

John and Alicia Nash, 1958

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John Nash was one of the most original, brilliant mathematicians of the 20th century. His recovery from schizophrenia and his Nobel Prize were twin triumphs.

Memorial Day, Waterloo, NY.

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Many claim that African Americans invented Memorial Day in Charleston, offering that these recently freed slaves, through their flowers, songs and dance announced to the world what the war had been about.

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Increasingly and in many different respects that the punishment comes before the crime, and that this effect of the zealousness of criminal prevention is enabled by the increasing vastness of our domestic intelligence gathering efforts.

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MISSOURI, May 24, 2015 — Memorial day was initially created as a way to honor our veterans who died in service to our country. This day...

| Image Courtesy of the Sebastian, Vail Colorado

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Celebrate Memorial Day with delicious grilled steaks. Chef Mary offers tips on how to buy your streak and cook them properly.

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On this Memorial Day, let’s offer a prayer not only on behalf of those brave individuals who lost their lives defending our freedom but also on behalf of those whom will needlessly lose theirs in the future

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A war on global warming is easier than a war on ISIS; you can look like you're winning just by talking, and your invisible enemy will never shoot back.