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When it was revealed that the giant sucking sound heard across America were foreign financial contributions barreling through the global pipeline leading to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Wall Street Journal did a little snooping.

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America’s unhinged, lunatic left is beside itself over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled March 3rd speech before a joint session of Congress.

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Because of the efforts and wisdom of Franklin and men like him, we got a Constitution that protects us from unlimited government.

President Obama | File Image

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The world is on fire and the economy is a mess. Civilization is crashing. Stop asking stupid questions and focus on something that matters.

Caricature of Janet Yellen.

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Yellen’s Q&A this morning may give us further insight into the Fed’s intent.

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If you listen to enough pundits, you might wonder why Republicans would even bother to show up in 2016. But what do pundits know?

Is that history calling?

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., February 23, 2015 — A recent poll by the Brookings Institution had some interesting findings in its ranking of U.S. presidents. Brookings pointed...

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Utopian fulfillment, purchased with the blood of the innocent, at the urging of a malevolent cult leader: The Slender Man template is all too familiar.

Chart explaining spoofing.

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WASHINGTON, February 23, 2015 – It was another lackluster Monday on Wall Street today as stocks wobbled around in negative territory with considerable sound...

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if the president of the United States chooses to lecture, demean and snub his nose at the very people he serves, then why shouldn’t the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Mark Levin stand up and refute the president’s reasoning?