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if anyone does pay attention to the genuine interactions between the federal government and the native peoples who lived in the area of North America long before the United States ever existed, they could learn much truth.

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Aren't rules fun? They could be the end of our country, but never mind. Just follow these rules and be the most popular politician or the most sensitive, politically correct person around the water cooler at work.

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At one point in time, leaders within the American Indian nations honestly believed their people needed to move beyond the pain, the bitterness, and the hatred so they could move forward and forge a better, brighter, and more peaceful future for their people.

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Whether you’re willing to flip a house, act as a landlord for tenants, or let your money do the investing for you, there may be a way for real estate to make money for you.

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It’s been so long since America has had a truly brilliant strategist behind the Resolute desk that perhaps we have lost all capacity to see one when he’s standing before us.

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In the Washington Post story on Russian interference in the presidential election they said “is no way to know whether the Russian campaign proved decisive in electing Trump.”

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If the worry is electoral integrity, a recount in the WiMP states won't help. We need recounts in random precincts across the country, from now until doomsday.

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While condemning the recount spearheaded by Jill Stein, Donald Trump has now alleged voter fraud, which could actually support the effort.

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Fidel Castro is dead. Pass the Cuban cigars, the super-sized Cherry Coke made with Cuban pure cane sugar, and the McRibs.

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Americans may not hear much about the Geert Wilders trial in the Netherlands. But it is significant in many ways for those still supporting free speech.