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The Republican Party would be wise to keep Sydney Leathers far away from the 2016 GOP Convention. She seems to be the most sexually powerful woman since Cleopatra.

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When one thinks of a tired career politician of the 20th century, one should immediately think of Arizona’s Sen. John McCain.

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Two reasons why the Republican debate may not have the right candidates on stage.

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Looking at our complex history and recognizing only its shortcoming some to believe that "white privilege" is, somehow, an explanation for a reality that is multi-faceted.

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Rand is clearly different and has become very difficult to marginalize.

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The president of Laredo’s National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455, Hector Garza, and Donald Trump just got an eye-opening introduction to Peronism American style.

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Should taxpayers fund such Planned Parenthood? Should tax payer funds also be used as a proxy fundraising wing of the Democratic party.

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Facts are facts. Unless you make them up.

Poor doc-patient relationship.

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WASHINGTON, July 23, 2015 – Wall Street is still climbing out of the rubble of Wednesday’s brutal stock market crunch. There have been worse...

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Big-tent, big-government, mush-mouth conservatism is the cancer that has metastasized and threatens to kill the party of Lincoln and Reagan.