Gun Clubs - 1974 and 2015

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The right to own guns is inextricably intertwined with liberty itself.

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With today’s technology and adequate legislation, there are easy alternatives that would protect the identity of a gun owner and also provide some warning to authorities of outliers like those that accumulate firearms.

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The Secret Service has become as imperious and corrupt as the imperial presidency that it serves and protects.

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Alan Dershowitz says Iran can be trusted — to do whatever it can to destroy Israel. The Iran nuclear deal should be viewed from that perspective.

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America’s mainstream "news organizations" have never been all that interested – in the words of President Obama – to “tally up the number.”

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Two names are are big in the news this morning. Ironically, one of those names will not be shared in the column you are reading at the moment.

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In an effort to make the world feel safer, the UN held the “Leaders’ Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Terrorism.”

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Sam Faddis, former CIA officer, military officer, and attorney, is running for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District.

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Obama has all the leverage because he is willing to do the one thing that will always make Republicans blink - his is willing to let the United States default on its debt obligations.

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2015 – We had a nice rally right after the opening bell Wednesday morning. But it wasn’t long before the Bad...