Mike Pence - GOP Convention (Screen Shot captured by CommDigiNews)

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Pence was self-deprecating, telling the audience that he is a boring man brought in to “balance the ticket” from the excitement of Trump. Still waters run deep.

GOP Convention Floor (Image captured by CommDigiNews)

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Why did he do it? Rather, why didn't he do it? Was it because Trump slimed his wife and dad, or because he has no class? Either way, Cruz is out for 2020.

Ted Cruz at the GOP National Convention (Screen image captured by CommDigiNews)

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Ted Cruz delivered a mostly well-received speech to the GOP Convention last night. The end went badly, but aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, the play was splendid.

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The GOP message on Monday was punish bad cops, but support law, order and the police; the Democratic convention message is shaping up to "don't shoot, pigs!"

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On Day 2, Donald Trump Jr. brings strength, Tiffany Trump charms, Chris Christie prosecutes Clinton. Donald J. Trump, the person, emerges.

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Maryland Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has failed for a fourth time to get a conviction in Freddie Gray's death. Will Baltimore and Gray's family ever see justice?

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The support they worked for nationally will be lost in 2020 if Cruz and Kasich can't bring themselves to support Donald Trump. This is not just about them.

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Operation Fast and Furious wasn't considered 'relevant' to the trial of the Sinaloa killers of Brian Terry, who was killed by a Fast and Furious gun.

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The world premiere of “The Wedding Gift,” Chisa Hutchinson’s weirdly funny parable on race relations attracts, repels, amuses and confuses.

Official portrait

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Will Obama be remembered as a president who left a healthy government, or as a Caesar who inherited a republic and left behind a fully imperial presidency?