Moderate Muslims?

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Acts of violence around America and in Europe are random acts of gun violence (politically correct) that just happen to be linked by radical Islam (racist).

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Russia and America worked together to defeat Hitler, now it is ISIS. Will Putin, Guccifer & Trump work to defeat Hillary and bring down our common enemy?

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Trump replaced longtime confidant Lewandowski with the smoother, more experienced Paul Manafort; will that change make his campaign the smooth machine he needs?

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Orlando is the third time that someone who had been under FBI scrutiny carried out a terrorist attack: First there was Boston, then Texas and now Orlando.

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Like George Washington, the soldier/statesman who once sat under its roof, St. Paul’s Chapel has been a beneficiary of providential protection from 1776 to 9/11.

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Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos has something to tell the gay community and America after Orlando: That attack was an expression of mainstream Muslim values.

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The presidential race may be the big race, but the the thousands of smaller races that elect our state representatives can be equally if not more important.

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From Jeannette Rubio to Melanie Knauss Trump to Tulsi Gabbard and beyond, here's CDN's 2016 list of the Absolutely Hottest Political Women. Dream on.

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Major contenders to build the first truly self-driving car include Google, Audi, Uber, Nissan, General Motors, Tesla and China’s Baidu.


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Do you WAZE? If not, you should. WAZE provides more than driving directions; it also provide real time information on road hazards, traffic delays, police and now, high crime area avoidance