The Walking Dead - Conquer Dead Chat

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The Walking Dead Finale - Episode 516 - Conquer - but who will be the conquered?

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Colorado District Attorney Stan Garnett inexplicably says that the murder of Baby Girl Ridley was not murder because she was murdered before birth

The Crusades: Wars of defense against Islam

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When Obama lectures America on ISIS and the Crusades, he forgets something important: History.

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The disgrace is how the Obama administration has handled this entire episode.

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The Obama administration is thigh high in secrecy despite his promises for transparency

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Bergdahl’s pending court martial proves that his trade was calculated to advance the administration’s program to leave no jihadist fighter behind.

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With Senator Ted Cruz's announcement, the 2016 Presidential race begins - But Republicans will lose if they do not choose a frontrunner soon

  Still frame from the show Vice of 3/20/2015  Still frame from the show Vice of 3/20/2015

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Private militias are training to fight against the United States of America.

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Democrats have made it very clear they don't respect the intelligence of the poor in the inner city.

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz officially kicked off the 2016 election cycle by being the first candidate of either party to formally declare for the presidency.