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Sam Faddis, former CIA officer, military officer, and attorney, is running for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District.

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Obama has all the leverage because he is willing to do the one thing that will always make Republicans blink - his is willing to let the United States default on its debt obligations.

Cecile Richards before Congress - screen shot

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Cecile Richards is before Congress is to answer the simple question of whether taxpayer funds should be used to fund the group's late term abortion practices

Carly Fiorina - Hillary Clinton Mashup (Images promotional book covers)

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Fiorina’s liberal record will be exploited by Clinton in order to make her look like the poll-driven, manipulative, chameleon that she is.

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Trump’s tax plan gains some favor, but commodities, China, the Middle East, and ongoing Federal Reserve bafflegab keep the tone negative on Wall Street.

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Finally, a Republican with a simple yet powerful plan to cut taxes and not act like a warmed-over, big-government Democrat.

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Trump's goal in the plan he announced Monday was to make the system more fair, eliminate loopholes, raise sufficient revenue, make tax filing easier and give tax relief to low income earners.

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The pope asked Boehner, 'please pray for me.' He’d be as competent intervening on behalf of the pope as on behalf of Republican voters against the wiles of Obama.

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Emails servers, Texas border walls, overturning SCOTUS and repealing Obamacare - Just a series of true lies and misdemeanors all in the name of campaign promises

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2015 – The Associated Press Sunday reported, “Pro-secession parties pushing for Spain's northeastern Catalonia region to break away and form a new...