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Republican rank-and-file voters should expect another humiliating defeat if they nominate a Bush-like, mainstream media-approved candidate for president.

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WASHINGTON, February 27, 2015 — On Tuesday, Fox 5's Emily Miller ran a story about the culmination of her long and arduous trek to receive a Washington, DC conceal...

Young Muslims seek jobs and opportunities - just like other young person does

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The challenge for Western Europe is to assimilate its growing Muslim immigrant population into the French, British and other cultures and societies in which they now live.

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Thursday included Dr. Carson, Ms. Fiorina, Sean Hannity, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul and more

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The President is blinded by his dedication to the climate change narrative and he will support it all costs.

Ellis Island.

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WASHINGTON, February 27, 2015 − While we wait for our elected leaders to supply funding to an agency that provides security to all Americans,...

ISIS at the root of evil

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Just how would State Department job counseling for terrorists go?

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When it was revealed that the giant sucking sound heard across America were foreign financial contributions barreling through the global pipeline leading to Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Wall Street Journal did a little snooping.

Ban Superfish.

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WASHINGTON, February 25, 2015 – If you have any respect left for Lenovo after reading our previous article on the dangerous Superfish adware-garbageware the...

Superfish on Lenovo computer.

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WASHINGTON, February 25, 2015 – For at least a decade and probably more, purchasers of PCs loaded with the Microsoft Windows OS have complained...