Saddam Hussein - Screen Shot - Rhouhani - Official Image

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Iran has 17 months left to take advantage of naive idealists who truly believe that weakness works.

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Is the Tea Party crazy? Not so fast. You might have more in common with them than you think.

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The 2016 election is a chance to elect a strong, good, leader and to throw out the rest.

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When all of the political dust has finally settled in the debate sparring ring does anyone truly feel Trump will be knocked out?

An angry public leaves tokens of their displeasure outside the office of lion hunting dentist Dr. Walter Palmer.

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President Obama is applauded for measures to curtail the transport and sale of elephant ivory in the United States.” Why ivory and not the “transport and sale” of fetal tissue, organs and limbs? Don't #UnbornLivesMatter?

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It’s not a joke: If not for term limits, a third Obama term would be a very real possibility.

Donald Trump | Image Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia creative commons

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In his presidential bid, Donald Trump has dominated the media. He might be just what we need to counter Hillary Clinton's dominance of liberal coverage

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Republican Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina introduced a resolution to “vacate” House Speaker John Boehner’s chair, a procedural measure that, had it succeeded, would have forced the election of a new top leader for the chamber.

Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton - Lincoln Chafee - Jim Webb - Martin O'Malley

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Each candidate has their pluses and minuses. Attached is the scorecard for the five Democrats running.

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Trump may actually take a couple tumbles during the August 6 debate if Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Walker or the others land real solid verbal politically substantive policy punches.