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The declaration of war power allows Congress to declare that a state of war already exists, not to start a new war.

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Americans love chocolate, especially on Halloween. It is also one of the fastest growing candy segments according to the National Confectioners Association.

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It is now time to examine whether the U.N. will continue on the same pathway, or whether the body is too old to re-establish based upon the original vision and purpose.

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Trump is kind of a wild man in some ways, but he hasn’t spent the last 30 years in Washington drinking the Kool-Aid.

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A DWI conviction can be life altering and result in terrible short term and long-term consequences. Do you know your rights?

Donald Trump caricature.

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If Trump truly “does not accept” the final results of this election as certified by each of the states, as voted upon by the Electoral College, and as confirmed by Congress, that would be unprecedented in American history.

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In the film he documents the teens on real calls, how they were active saving lives and doing the job of Emergency Medical Technicians- including the stress of death

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The future of this frail Democracy relies on Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States. Today, in Gettysburg, he outlined why.

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Ecuadorian officials have restricted Julian Assange's internet access in the wake of Wikileaked emails and documents belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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Despite being incarcerated, a convicted felon, and on public assistance Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has been ordered to pay nearly one thousand dollars a month in child support.

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With driverless cars, reckless or drunk drivers would no longer jeopardize our lives. Red-light runners would be a thing of the past. and cheap car insurance should be a reality.